Krsna Janmastami

Krsna Janmastami is a beautiful day in every human beings life. In the world outside, Krsna is born at 12 midnight and then transported to another place through the swelling waters of the Yamuna. He is placed in the bed of Yashoda Ma. The father goes back to his jail cell and the world forgets that a Krsna is born. It’s a wonderful story which we have heard since the time we were young.
Cut to the present age and the scenario played today. Does it have any significance to us today? Or is it just a myth which we are forced to believe in? Who is Krsna and what use is this story of His birth? First of all, does anyone besides the diehard fans of Krsna really care? People in this age just go about their jobs and hardly bother to trouble themselves about some vague God called Krsna!
These folks are bothered about the falling currency market, the rapes and mayhems, elections and wars, children’s fees and rising cost of fruits and veggies. Who can spare some moments for some blue gray God called Krsna? These people are out to save the world, educate the poor peopleIMG_2681, plant kitchen gardens in their free window spaces, look after strays and take up marches for some rape victim. Wow, Krsna never came to their rescue when the prices of onions were touching the skies, politicians were not doing their jobs, dollar skyrocketed and there were wars in the Middle East. So who cares if He is born or not? If He is that so called God then why isn’t He taking care of these issues?
Let me explain to you who is Krsna and why His birth is significant! Maybe you will stop your “save the world” campaign for some moments to read this!
The name of the Truth or The One is Krsna. Krsna is the highest, sort of magical stuff and knowledge or understanding in this world of existence. He is in other words the Supreme Divine Consciousness! Are you aware of that which the believers, believe about? Good! Now translate these above words of mine and you will know that’s what I called Him! He is awareness and knowledge, understanding and final truth within you. He is YOU!
You should understand this truth. It’s your birth from ignorance of this material world into the knowledgeable. You were born to some woman and then you were placed in this world where you took to the understanding that the parents that you grew up with were your own. On the contrary, these worldly parents are foster parents.
Lets look at your childhood world. Doesn’t it seem surreal? Some vague place and all your kid friends. Wild childhood and tumultuous growing up years. So many demons to fight out. From Grinch to Freeze, Voldermot to Darth Vader! Weapons of mass destruction to teleportation! Are you not using these powerful, yet imaginary weapons to destroy the worlds?
A single cell phone call can be used to detonate devices by remote! This world is on the brink of disaster every second. From asteroids to comets, falling debris to poison gas, market meltdowns to IT bubble bursts, cloning of deadly Ebola virus to artificial Fires in Indonesia.
And there you are, the Krsna who is aware of all these things and ready to fight it all. All these demons and many more to come will be turning to dust by your grace. Only IF!
Only If you start to believe in your true divine nature. If you take it in your mind that you alone are capable to fight it and know your true worth then you will be born again and again. These people who become great revolutionaries and leaders recognize their true worth. They have motivated themselves and risen above the ordinary to become Gods themselves. Krsna is the spirit in them. He is the essence in their fight. He is the fight in them. He is the will and willingness to rise above the mundane in them. He is YOU. The God, who is true blue spirit of survival, fearlessness to stand on top of every demonic snakes of atrocities, ready to uphold the highest mountain of troubles to protect the downtrodden and meek. You are that divine effulgence self who can win any battles by proxy, only if you can wisely play the cards. Politics is meant for growth and development and so you use it for that alone.
Let us then celebrate that blue Gods birth within everyone’s heart. We are celebrating your own birth. Wade through these swirling waters of discontent and misery and move to the land of milk and honey.
Lets make efforts to rise above the mundane and understand our own divine nature to become that Krsna. Every man and woman is a Krsna only if you believe in it. So have faith in your own abilities and the power within you. Lets kill the demon called Kamsa who is our own relative. Which means our own inadequacies and shortcomings. So rise above and be the God called Krsna.