Krsnarpan And Attribute To God

Have you ever noticed how Saibaba or Ramakrishna Paramhamsa used to attribute anything in the world? They never took credit for anything at all. Saibaba used to say, “Allah Malik” and Ramakrishna used to say, “Ma Kali”! These great people attributed every act to God alone. Thereby not taking credit for any action. Even though you knew that they are the Ones who have done that act. They refused to take ownership of it.
This reduces the burden of karma on them.
You too should stop taking credit for any act, directly or indirectly. Attribute it to God and His will alone.
This is also called Krsnarpan!
No karma will accrue to you.
The precondition is that the action performed should not be a motivated action. It should have happened very naturally without the involvement of your ego and mind! Even an act termed as charity or compassionate act should not be involving your ego or mind! Got that?

Image Courtesy by krsnaknows