Knowing God

They say “gharki murgi daal barabar”, which means we consider our own stuff as mundane whereas the outsiders is tasty and.delicious. When we work outside for money and career, we give full value worth and more for that salary. Sometimes burning both the ends of the candle. But when we work for our own kith and kin we assume that its not so important and take too many things for granted. Have you seen the great actors kids behave obnoxiously with everyone? Ego, pride, anger, greed, lethargy, tamas and rajas rules and makes that person shameless and unworthy of their proximity to goodness. In spiritual too, proximity to the divine makes us take too many advantages of our relationships. Know that God is just and all are equal in His eyes. Don’t take undue advantage of knowing Him! Someday the doors may be shut!

Image Courtesy by pixabay