Get Addicted to the Wine of Spiritual

addictedAre there temporary trial marriages or trial motherhoods? Once married or when you have children, there is no such thing as trying out. You are in it for good. So when people talk of becoming spiritual by trying it out for few days sounds terrible. There is no such thing as giving it a try for few days or months. Dynandevs parents were heckled and derided by society when His father returned from sanyasa. But it became part and parcel of the 4’s lives(Nivritti, Dnyandev, Sopan and Muktabai). Even if you try out once the wine of spiritual, you get intoxicated and addicted. So there is no question of trying. You are in it for good now so proceed further by the able guidance of your Guru. Do your sadhanas regularly.

Image Courtesy by pixabay