Lasting Impression

They say the first impression is a lasting impression. We make judgements right at the first eye contact about any individual. Same goes for the aural messages. We jump to conclusions and have likes and dislikes in place.
In politics or in school also, we have created trust or mistrusts within moments of meeting people. The factors that have determined our behavior are varied. It could be just the color of skin, the way of dressing, the gait of that person, the handshake, the utterances or even political affiliations. These can sway our mind immediately.
In my spiritual world too, I have to face these everyday. The expectancy of any individual, when they see a spiritual person are based on their own conclusions about the appearances of such a type. They have typecasted a spiritualist as a person wearing orange or white clothes with flowing beard, saintly demeanor, walking gently, speaking softly, raising hands towards heavens at every word uttered, spouting wisdom, refined language of the divine and all sorts of heavenly manna flowing around. Then it is a big let down to see a person dressed in casuals, T-shirts clad, keds and talking in the urban dictionary slang, spouting local lingo, professing lesser wisdom than a common man, behaving like any other normal human being. You can see the power of the person waning rapidly in the eye of the beholder. Having seen that, the outcome is truly as per the material worldly pattern. Gauging others with the same eyes they have created the imagery of a common man. Having met politicians, priests of temples, seen classic images of the likes of Swami Vivekananda, authorities, sweepers or folks from shanties, these have impressed the gullible mind to forming indelible impressions.
The impact of meeting holy people can never be understood. When my grandmother met Saibaba, she saw Him talk in expletives which any normal person would find very disturbing. The talk was interspersed with foul language and He was going hammer and tongs at the drop of a hat. Sometimes He would be the kindest soul on earth. Nobody expects Swami Hriyananda of Kamareddy to know any other subject other than spiritual, but the Swamiji is having doctorate in subjects you may be scared about. But seeing Him, no one can guess that. In the same way, Swami Chinmayananda could never fathom Swami Tapovanam when He first met His Guru.
So first impressions can never be construed as perfect as your mind can make them out.
Biases will exist and to come out of them is almost impossible. So never make first impressions as lasting impressions in spiritual world. Testing out the goods and then coming to conclusions would help you progress further. It is always important to arrive at decisions only after ascertainment and conclusively arriving there after assessment.
So in final conclusion, do not be judgmental even before you have met the person. Assess them after they have given you the chance to examine them. Go by the knowledge that they spout and the wisdom that they possess. Lastly, do not gauge them with your yardstick. Your assessment is juvenile if you classify them with the worldly mundane beings.