Lets See How It Began! – The Creation

First they said was the word which was heard. Now you can deduce why! No one knew the alphabet or for that matter how to write. Think why should they have anything to do at all except to talk? No one knew how to read either. So naturally it would mean the first would be sound. Now say sounds of thunder or crashes would be common but not the cry of humans. That would surely be stranger than natural sounds. If someone spoke to you in Swahili you would surely look up. You may or may not understand. But then you would seek action of the body to grasp the meaning of what is being spoken. So the words with sound along with action would constitute communication and that’s how the ancient communicated. Lets see again and begin well before all this happened! God would require a platform to place you first on. So he must have made space and then objects. He needs light too. So he made light. Now what’s the use of space if you can’t fill it with objects? So he made objects too.
Step back once again. In the dark forest you cannot see a thing but you can definitely hear sounds so first you gotta hear. Then confirm the object by seeing. So next came light. The creationist theory sounds plausible only if you believe that something came from nothing and that there is a far superior being called God! After creating the toys, He needs someone to enjoy all these goodies. Specimens of a kind who would have little part of His own intellect suits the purpose. Otherwise, if He made duffers then how would they enjoy anything at all! So he needed intelligent beings to love His concoction and the site. Later you need a push to the story. Romance, action, intrigue and suspense! Lets put all these ingredients in it, He thought!
So He introduced the second character Woman! To further the story, you need action. But left to themselves they would just not do anything. So you need the knowledge and so lets introduce the library of information. So there comes the tree of knowledge. You should first grasp the pile of information. Then make proper utilization of it. So they must have used it. Now imagine doing the same thing every single day of your life will make it boring. So lets introduce misuses of the same tools. There are good uses and bad ones too. Now if God is the teacher of good uses then you need the negative element for the bad ones. So lets introduce the snake or evil devil as the bad one. Now who told you anything about an apple? There is no apple there but lets get the most available fruit in the orchard! Ok! Apple will do! Lets get it infected with a worm! All programs if they run well in your comp, then how would the companies make more profits? Hence the worm! Got it! Now you need audience. So lets get some replication done. So the womb and sperm and egg. Got all that. Lovely. Let the audience enjoy. Lets have more shows.
This is the short story of the how and why you came in!

Photo Credit pixabay