Lies Or Truth Are Lies Alone!

When someone says they know the truth, it would be from their point of view. It’s like asking someone the time in their watch. This person may say its 5.30pm. Someone else in London may say its 12 noon, others in New York may say its 5.30am and likewise. Now who is right? Absolutely no one and yet all of them from their own point of view. Lets say the same people stay on the Moon or Saturn, then their space or time can never match. A husband may say, “you cheated on me!”to his wife. But she might have just tended to a sick man cleaning and nursing him. But the husband thinks that she is cheating. Such was the condition of Parshuram’s mother! He was commanded by His father to chop of His mothers head. He did that as a fathers command but immediately asked His father for a boon of restoring His mothers life!
Now then what’s the truth?
This can only be understood by the knowers of truth and they are bound by it. So they do not divulge! Knowing the truth makes a person silent because its the ultimate step but falsehood requires multiple false proofs and alibis. A person accustomed to worldly truth or lies is imperfect. Buddha, Ramanna and others became silent knowing the truth. Aspire to reach this ultimate truth which does not need any support. It’s self effulgent!