Lies Or Untruths?

 UntruthsWhy is this material world full of lies or untruths? Telling the truth in the material world can cause a lot of damage to you and others. So you live in falsehood. You become so good at telling lies that it is now your second nature.
Whether you like it or not, words flow from your mouth which are meaning quite the opposite to what you actually imply.
You tell your boss, that he is the best boss in the world who has so much of compassion. What you mean is that he is the biggest jerk around, who has no brains to work for your company. You can see that he allows you to stay at home and covers up when you take off. He gives you good ratings only because you pander to his ego and help his wife shop for their groceries. It’s a mutual back scratching relationship.
Your wife makes the worst cooked meal in the world and so you sometimes allow her to cook instead of buying food from outside. You are running short of funds that day so you indulge in eating that horribly cooked meal. You know that there are no choices otherwise the kids will go hungry. You really have no clue as to why your kids enjoy home food cooked by her? Saving money is one object and the other is you clean your stomach up when you eat that horror. So you praise her to the skies sometimes to let her show her culinary disasters. Oh! Don’t forget to mention, that these are always new recipes she has watched in some silly food shows. You only know that the greatest cook was your grandmother alone, who is no more. That was the greatest chef in the world.
You know your husband cannot last beyond the first few seconds and yet when he asks you about your orgasm, you fake it. You have never achieved any in the last few years. You go along with the charade and make him feel as if he is the greatest lover on the planet. You do it because you know he will be completely shattered if you told him the truth. You know that all your friends fake it too. They too are trying to save their silly marriages and embarrassment to their husbands. You seethe every time he tells you he wants to make love. When will he grow up, you wonder. It’s not so easy to satisfy a woman and hardly any man knows that.
Your client thinks you are the best investment consultant ever. After all your tips are the best. They always give him good returns. You are everyday chatting him up and egging him to invest in some vague penny stocks. You always give credit to him for his business acumen. Though he hardly ever gives any dissent to your judgements, but when he does, you tell him falsely how you appreciate his business knowledge. What he hasn’t realized till today is that every time he agrees to your suggestion, you are raking a good amount in commissions. Now you are telling him his future lies in futures and options. You know very well, that your future is getting more secured by his foolishness and risk taking. Your earnings are never risky. He is the lamb for sacrifice!
You tell your parents, you enjoy their company when they come to stay with you. You make them comfortable. You arrange for long distance driving trips with the entire family. You guess, your mother has got into the secret too. She just goes along. They are good nannies to your twins. Both handle the children so well. Anyway these are their grandparents and in safe hands. You are not concerned what would happen behind your back. They will be cared for. Your night outs with husband increase when your parents come to stay over. You enjoy the privacy and the peace and quiet that follows. Meanwhile your parents are taking care of the frustrating twins. It also costs much lesser for child care. Your groceries and laundry is also taken care of and also your kitchen. They are the best housekeepers ever and you lie to them how much you love them! They too say the same, knowing fully well it’s a just a big untruth.
In the spiritual, the truth is the Self and you are but naked. When you meet your Guru, you have to disrobe every lie of your life. You become stark naked. The life that you have led till just then has to be discarded. There can be no past coverings on. Even your name which is a lie has to be discarded. Your body parents are no longer that. Every other person besides you is an outsider.
The Guru cleanses you of all the worldly muck you carried. He tells you to throw your old cloaks and take a purifying bath and then He offers you new clothes of simplicity and renunciation. He offers you a new name. He becomes your Master, parent, guide, relative, friend, husband and every other relation. There are no untruths there. There are no falsehoods to hide there. Your journey with Him is only to know the Truth. The ultimate happiness and bliss is in this truth alone. God is that truth. He leads you towards that.
The uncovered human being is only full of effulgence and grandeur. There are no hidden layers to unfold. You are naked with your truth. You are then united with The Lord and He is your only lover. There is only spiritual divine ecstasy to experience and no false orgasms. Your food is the dry bread but it is the most delicious. Your investments and commissions too are secured since that is the only life stock exchange there is and knowing the truth by sadhana or spiritual practice is the only currency you earn. Your boss is a tyrant but you love Him truly and will willingly even be His servant forever. You love how He cares for your body and mind just like the twins. There are no lies there.

Image Courtesy by pixabay