Life Goes On!

life goes onLife goes on. This line applies to literally everything in our lives. The hiccup lasts just for a moment in time. Then you are on your way once again.
Death is supposed to be terminal and everything then ceases to be for that person. But for the rest, it’s just another blip on the screen. You can write a beautiful eulogy for someone and praise them to the skies but it all passes away and you too move on.
Success and failure too are the same. Your misery lasts for sometime but you move ahead and strive once again for your puny wants. Life is a cycle of ups and downs. Sometimes you hit rock bottom but you struggle to swim and stay afloat. You survive and move ahead.
Here I am talking about survivors and not the dead and gone. I am not speaking about losers and defeatists. These miserable people love to wallow in grief till their very end. One of my aunts gave up cooking or doing any household work, the moment she had a minor accident. This happened in her late forties and she refused to work after that till she died at 80. You too meet such losers in your life. They take something’s so badly that a single failure or death or defeat is the end all of their life. You refuse to move on and accept something’s seriously. Giving up hope and the will to work.
When you start our work life, you are so gung-ho about it. Putting so much efforts and always wanting to succeed. It is a constant race against time. But time leaves you far behind to nurse your defeats. You get saddled by inertia and no growth. Your career comes to a stand still and you cannot see yourself moving anywhere at all. No increments or promotions are your bane. You accept life with all its miseries. The management says there is stagnation in markets so they cannot offer growth and you accept. Reluctantly though you take pay cuts too. Later, in life you give up struggling to make ends meet or wallowing in self pity.
Returning to those who are cowered down for sometime, they rise again and again. Little successes and failures later, they let both be. Acceptance comes in the life for most of the people. But if the struggle continues further, then life is worth living. But all these live only for themselves selfishly.
Imagine yourself like Warren Buffett, Bill Gates or Rattan Tata’s of this world. After making large amount of money, you now have to invest more and more, attend charities and causes events, smile for your PR machinery. Be seen in poor and ugly places, support young Turks, etc.. Inertia sets in there too. Life goes on from one NGO to another. One funding event to another. Pointless journeys in life. Gathering more money for your own selves. There are no struggles here. Money comes easy and so does fame. But these people will be lost to history for doing nothing.
To make an impact in this world, you cannot be seen saying life goes on. You cannot be complacent or accepting trash from this world. You should be disruptive like Mother Theresa or Mahatma Gandhi. They were running around in simple clothes and big tasks. Absolutely without any money or pomp or show. Meager living and simplistic lifestyle supported these big souls. Their mission was their goal. Mankind’s progress was their only destination.
To become Jesus or Buddha you have to walk and talk. Preach and educate the downtrodden and have-nots. Ceaselessly striving and struggling, you should aim for universal brotherhood.
So, if you too want to become someone great shed this complacency and trying to attain peaceful retirement. Go out there like Moses drawing millions towards liberation. Be disruptive and not complacent. Struggle hard for the universe and even for your own daily-living. Don’t accept the trappings of prosperous and dream life. Live like a fakir or a sage. Work for others betterment and not yours. Life doesn’t go on. You have to push it towards change. So change yourself first.

Image Courtesy by pixabay