Life Has Come To A Dead Halt!

Life has come to a dead halt! Sometimes you wonder why you were going through such excruciatingly painful circumstances in life. You know they are a sheer waste of time and just too much of unnecessary delay in life. You could have achieved so much but the delays and impediments to reaching your goals are just too much of a criminal waste of life.
But you have no choice but to hang on and twiddle your thumbs.
The wait is taxing and horribly prolonged.
Take the case of movies that have been half made spending a huge amount of funds and mounting debts and interest burdens and all that has come to a standstill because the hero and heroine had a fallout?
Or your pet project is hanging by the thread only because you have run out of funds. Your creditors have suddenly turned scarce. Your banker has reduced your loan or credit cover. Or suddenly the market has tanked or vanished due to drought or the Dollar rise! Any silly and stupid reason seems to hold up your progress.
Take the case of the would be CEO of Yahoo is suddenly presented with the newest candidate Marissa Mayers and he has to go! Or the case of Sculley suddenly throwing out his mentor Steve Jobs!
You get infuriated at such a turn of events. The best man runs away with your wife! You are suddenly in reverse or put backwards in time and space.
But then you have seen how destiny shaped out. The spirit rises and takes hold of destiny. Check out these people who rose from the ashes. John Travolta, Amitabh Bachan or Steve Jobs serve as great examples. So these people were down in the dumps and suddenly one fine day they were making headlines.
Which goes to show that you need a lot of patience and perseverance, grit and staying power, faith in oneself and God and then the wait will get sweeter. Like they say in Hindi,”sabr Ka phaal meetha hota hai.” Or fruit of patience is very sweet.
So have faith and wait. Put your past behind you and focus on to a great future. So sometimes when things don’t work, they do so to progress you in life. But in another direction for the better future. Keep hope and faith!