Life Of A Pig!

Life of a pig rolling in dirt!
Every morning he brought the newspapers in. Checked the mailbox. Had his breakfast. Read his daily papers for over two hours.
Later he took bath, dressed nicely, went out for shopping. Came back home and had lunch.
Took a long nap in the afternoon. Got up in the late afternoon and later took his evening beverage with some eats.
Went out and met a few friends. Gossiped with them. Gawked and drooled over young women or bitched about children or daughter in laws. Came back home when it grew darker.
Sat in front of the television for four to five hours, nursing his drinks and eating snacks. Commented on it. Dwelled on his past. Thought a lot about it. Rued a lot and wondered why he couldn’t achieve so much in life.
Time to have evening meal. Then sometimes a romp in the bed for free one sided self satisfying sex with wife, before turning off for the day.
Exhausted by the daily grind.
Such is the story of almost all the so called retired people in life! Do you want to have such a pigs life? Ask yourself that!
What difference is there between a man and a pig which does the same thing everyday? Eat, drink, sleep, stroll, gawk, eat shit or complain about life, leer at the younger sows, have roaring sex, etc….
Finally say you are tired of life at 60 or 70 and live like a burden on society for many many years? Yeah! Don’t tell me you have provided for yourself by your life insurance, superannuation benefits, investments, etc.. You are still a burden on this earth if you don’t move your ass and work till you die!
Moral of the story: Stop being a pig and work till you are ready to call it a day. Make life more fulfilling.

life of a pig

Image Courtesy by wnd