Likable And Dislikable!

Everything in this world is likable and dislikable. I love the taste of my toothpaste so I take a bigger spread than usual. My kids like tiramisu and so I love giving them that. Can we go to Pizza Hut instead of some restaurant? I love fast food more than regular stuff.
The amount of likes and dislikes we have in our world defines everything that we do or don’t do. I hate getting up in the mornings so I sleep off even if I have set up an alarm. I hate my job but I love traveling. I so much wish I could join Travel And Living channel.
Your likes and dislikes spill over in every aspect of your life. You have a liking for the chair you sit in, the plate you eat in, the clothes you dress in, the perfume you spray, the car you drive, the phone you own and so on. This defines your extreme likes and any changes in them are not acceptable. To adapt to the newer environment is troublesome.
Now you hate your kitchen work, your husbands barbs and his messing up of the bathroom, your mil’s tirades, your colleagues shrill voice, your bosses lecherous stares, the journey back to hell home, etc..
The extreme swings of likes and dislikes puts joy or stress into our life. You never want to disturb your likes and you never want to face dislikes.
Now let’s see how this works. You excel in your performance when you like that thing and your failures and errors are more visible when you dislike that job. So this affects every part of your being.
You hate being fat so you try to go to the gym but end up missing it often. Your dislike turns you off from results.
Your hatred of your boss, makes you wary of being around him so you are focussing on avoiding him. In turn you do not report often which translates into poor performance, even though you have worked hard.
When you see your life with equanimity, you will never have any kind of bias. You will perform equally for one and all. Your spouse will no longer taint your cooking, your office job will be a breeze, your drive back home will be peaceful. Your whole life will be painless.
So how does one gain equanimity?
Stop using your mind in making judgements. You will always be swinging, so stop judging anyone or anything. If a person is having irritable bowels syndrome, stay away from that one or at the least know that he will be crusty and acerbic. Human nature is incurable. Those who criticize all the time are never going to change, so stop getting disturbed by their nature. Know that they will always criticize.
That’s it! Let them be. Shut your ears and just go on with whatever you are doing.
Everyone has their quirks so if you know your best friend is a motormouth then why are you getting disturbed with it? They all are who they are.
Don’t disturb your mind over trivial issues. You focus on your job alone and your performance. Let the world be. Don’t try to change others. Just change yourself.
Remember if you change the color of your glasses, your outlook will change. Wear colorless glasses and you can see the world in its right colors. Make your life equitable. Have equanimity and stop the swings. Get balanced and don’t go off balance.