Listening To Your Minds Chatter!

Do you actually listen to what anyone is saying or you start listening to your own minds chatter? 99%of the people do not listen to others.
Lets say you are in a class on conservation of the greenery in this world and you were listening to how the compost has to be made. By the time a few lines are over, you have already drifted to your backyard or terrace trying to make holes in certain place, gathering dead leaves and creating a pile. You are lost in your own minds compost pit!
Do you understand that it is extremely tough to catch your attention. You are suffering from the most powerful nemesis of your mind. You need the complete understanding and not half baked so why are not interested in listening to that important discussion? Focus or concentration is missing in your life. How do you go about focussing?
The art of concentration or focussing is called the trataka. It is a simple, yet effective technique. You can take a point object and completely focus on it and keep on focussing till you enter the object space. Sometimes it is done under expert supervision by taking a lighted candle in a dark room and focussing on the flame.
I am not asking you to do that but you can simply pay complete attention to what is written here. Don’t allow your monkey mind to wander while reading this essay. Focus on every word. Read and concentrate and you will find ample grammatical errors in this article. Did you get that? Now don’t gloat over it.
See how easy it is to find faults? Now use this technique of fault finding and concentrate on it. Check out how easy it becomes. Look for the hidden meaning or treasure in it.
You will become a master soon enough when you have a cause for doing that. Maybe money or fame motivates you. Use that and understand how simple focus is! I am sure you have seen the bird or animal focus on the tidbits the trainer throws to get these creatures to concentrate. Do that. Give your mind some tidbits and you are home!