Little Red Riding Hood

Have you forgotten your primary school fairytale called, “Little Red Riding Hood?” Charles Perrault wrote that where the wicked wolf eats her up finally. So here I ask you whether the wolf will change into a genial old grandmother? Or will he behave just like a wolf and eat her up after he ate her grandma? So this teaches us that no matter what happens to you, your inherent nature will never undergo a change at all.
Then came the Grimm Brothers and changed the ending. They tapered it down by making the lumberjack come and slit open the wolf and release the grandma and the young girl.
In today’s day and age save the animal group will say that the wolf doesn’t do that and neither does he gulp people like that. You cannot cut open some endangered species.
So what do you do with the big bad wolf? He does cross dressing also and cheats and lies too.
Now see how he works. He gives you a very good hearing. Taking in every finer nuances of your life’s sob story. Then he tells you to gather flowers for your grandma. He engrosses you with beautiful stuff so that you get emotionally involved. Then you get to a point that you start believing in his charade as the truth.
In our material world we are constantly observed by people all the time. They watch and watch. You are a gullible young woman who falls for that trap of thinking that you owe it to your mother to give food to your grandma who lives in the jungle. You have false sense of duty towards your family and relatives. You believe you are the epitome of ultimate sacrifice of a woman. So you keep on supporting the family. You go through the jungle of wild animals to take food to grandma. This big bad world is ready to meet you with its deepest hidden secrets. You join the corporate world not knowing you will meet the big bad wolves there.
These people look at your tender body and fresh face. They observe your silly stupid desires too. They wait and watch your antics of trying to climb the social and professional ladder.
These wolves become your mentors. Their primary motivation is getting into your pants only. They have sympathetic ear for all your troubles. They listen to your garbage talks. They go along with their charade. They ask you what your aspirations are and tell you that they will help you show the path to granny’s house in the jungle. They direct you towards that path. Then they vanish from there only to lie in wait at grandmas house.
The annual performance ratings review is the grandmas house. They ask you to write down your part and then they have their one on one. Literally it turns out into a one on one for you. Hasn’t he shown you lots of leniency and given you the highest ratings? You are actually not even qualified for that, yet he has gone out of the way to give you that.
See, all you crying on his shoulders has paid off. He is like a godfather. Sorry, more like a father to whom you can go up to for anything. He holds you close and helps you let your hair down. Then he eases your pain by making fabulous love to you.
Cut back to the scene at the rating jamboree. He tells you that you owe him a lot in life now. So could we take this to the bedroom where we could meet the grandma.
Your red riding hood is off now. He watches you through his lusty eyes so you ask him, why do you have such big big eyes? He tells you to see you better, my dear.
You ask him why does he have such big legs and hands? He tells you to entangle it round you and hold you with.
Then you ask him why those big fearsome teeth? He says to eat you with.
Then he hold you tight in his big big arms and eats you up.
The moral of the story is that everyone who looks like a genial person in the corporate world is a big bad wolf only. Don’t trust anyone. They are only after your innocence and youth. Beware of the wolf in the corporate street!

Image Courtesy by Google Images