Looks Can Be Deceptive!

Looks can be deceptive!
When we hear people say- what you see is what you get, don’t you think that if you see something like a fruit, you are buying that? But is that what you were seeking?
Today marketing is full of deceit and you can never make out with the wrapper whether the substance is real or fake. Just imagine your favorite ice cream is being enjoyed by you since a very long time and you come to know today that it is not even an ice cream then what would you say? It’s deception and what is being sold to you is just a cold frothy substance. Next time read the ingredients on the pack and you will be shocked. It is a frozen gooey stuff that you believed was a nice cream but turns out into an aerated vegetable oil. Would you eat oil instead? No way, you will say but aren’t you eating that?
Next go to fresh cows milk and find out if it’s really fresh or even cows milk and you will be again shocked. Now that we have created a nice suspicion in your mind let me take you closer home to your own life.
You have seen a lovey dovey couple who tells you stories of how they met, fell in love and got married. Happily married, they now have two beautiful children and how they are so much devoted after many many years of marriage. Have you actually asked them their true story individually or have you been given a picture to dwell on? You will find that if you were to actually know what happened or how it happened you may be shocked and may loose faith in human love. Let’s see this true story here from different points of view.
The couple tells you how happy they are and they do have certain disagreements too. But they are in love so they make up. Now let’s hear how they met. They did meet at a mutual friends place. She was that friends girl friend. Later the friend ditched her and our hero went in as a knight in shining armor. Rescued her and after years of courting got married. That’s the official version of the story given out by both. Now let’s hear from both parties.
The man tells you in confidence, how he saw that poor hapless girl fall into the trap of his flamboyant friend. He knew she will soon get thrown out like a used condom. So he showed sympathy towards her, gave her his broad shoulders to cry on and helped her in her career. She came from a very poor family so once she started working which incidentally he was instrumental in getting her the right opportunities so she took advantage of him. She had no one to turn to once her parent died so in agony she turned towards him. Though he had never wanted to have sex with her, she literally fell in his lap and ended up making love. Then there were complications in life. She insisted that we have to get married so I got married to her. We had kids and now we are in relationship like before. She respects me and is indebted to me for saving her life forever. We are a happy married couple with two beautiful kids. So now tell me am I not supposed to have a go at Ashley Madison?
The woman told a completely inverted story then. I saw him eyeing me lustily when I was at my friends place. He approached me with a proposal to go for coffee. Since I was not so serious with his friend I went out with him. Later, we kept on meeting and
I saw something in him which was like a drive to succeed. I liked him a lot and when he suggested I shift to his place, we did. I started living with him. Even though I am a woman, I always wanted to be a career woman. Since his parents were coming over, we decided to formalize our relationship to avoid disturbing them. Later, I got a great job. Then I recommended him for a job in my org. He likes to tell all that he got me the job. It boosts his ego so I allow him his fantasy. Later, we had two kids in few years. Though I was managing both the home and job along with the kids, it had become too taxing on me. So he suggested to me that I could take a sabbatical or work from home. I did follow on the work from home. Our fights were who will take care of kids when I go for meetings. It was just out of films like the One Fine Day and I was the Melanie Parker therein. I gave up on the work so that I could have peace. I surely hope that someday I will get my chance to do what I wish to. But who will care for my autistic kid? Not my husband! He doesn’t give a damn since he is already into matchmaking sites. I hope he finds his satisfaction there!

Now when you see the truth from either sides, can you realize how deceptive this world is? There is no true dairy ice cream today. Everything is just a fake cream. Which story will you believe in? The mans or the woman’s or both? None of them are true. Every story is tainted and fake. There is nothing real in this world. The world itself is illusory and a creation of Maya.
The only true one is the Maker. He knows what shape to give to this putty of mud. He knows that He can transform us into a living doll who has a name and looks. He blows the air of breath in this false body. He transforms us into male or female, big or small, fair or dark, ugly or beautiful and gives us to learn the false knowledge from the false creation. There is nothing real in this about the body or mind. Only the maker is real. Remember the ice cream is fake, the two protagonist are telling their own fake stories since both are seeking sympathy and even the cows milk is not fresh but fake.
So our motivation is to remove the veil of ignorance about every object which is a created one and seek the permanent One which is full of joy and eternal happiness. That One is the Supreme Divine Consciousness alone which can never be assessed by the human eyes or judged by our mind.

Image Courtesy by  pixabay