Losers And Winners!

winnersLife has always been full of comparisons. You compared yourself to your sibling, your childhood friends, your neighbors, your relatives and the world around. What have you compared yourself and others with? Money, power, beauty, wealth, knowledge, afflictions and diseases, deformities, spouses, cars, houses, money in the bank, gratuity, compensations, closeness to power base like politicos, gangsters, god, priests, etc.
Strangely you have always been a loser, correct?
Otherwise, when you have to boast to others, you were the greatest gift mankind! You have everything that others can only dream of. A beautiful eye candy wife, two beautiful children, pile of legacy, loads of money in bank, latest jewelry, cars, condos, best holidays, loving parents and in laws, best friends, great work place, good colleagues and you name it and I have it.
How many times were you a have’s and how many times were you a miserable poor vermin? You were a scum of the earth more times than the king of good times! You were mostly without maal! Maal nahi!
Mostly you were the loser and hardly ever did you win!
Krsna says, “You can be your own best friend or your own worst enemy. You have the power to rise with your own Self effort”!
So stop cribbing about your miseries and start becoming that great effulgent God. The power is within You.

Image Credit: Unsplash