Love Ends In Marriage!

Someone asked me what happens to love when someone gets married? “It’s the end of love,” I said to him. Naturally, he asked how can it be end of love, when you are making the bond stronger by tying in?
Why does a person make an agreement with the landlord? They both want to feel secure and safe while they are in a legal binding. Any person wanting to opt out of it has to take legal recourse. They can evoke a clause and get out of it. In case one of them feels too claustrophobic they could initiate a legal termination.
In the same way, marriage happens for security and safety of both the parties. They are sure the other person will not ditch them but they want to get married so that it becomes binding on either. It is to be certain and doubly sure the other agrees to it. Marriage is a legal contract, sanctioned by society and largely by law! So to annul or dissolve it would mean going through the painful process of court and law!
So you tell me where can love exist in marriage. It is fraught with uncertainty hence you make each other legally bound. You may cry hoarse that you love the person, but isn’t the sword of law hanging on top of your head. If you we’re so damn sure why would you not accept it and live like that all your life? You are uncertain of each other and want to have your security blanket to cover any eventuality!
So even if you love the person deeply know that at the end of it all you are not sure of the other. So you bind them in a legal contract. Then know for sure there is actually no love that you profess to have. It’s only marriage, a legal tie in!