Love For The Divine

It is said that love for the divine can be expressed by tears, horripilations, singing, dancing and so on. Right from the times of Krsna till date, everyone who expressed their love for God or the divine would take to writing poetry, sing songs, dance with abandon, work with one hand and catch The Lord’s feet with the other and be the best tool in His hands.
The apostles of Jesus Christ were the best examples who followed His diktats and spread the good word around. Similarly Buddha used His mother, son and nephew to spread His teachings. Then came Ashoka who sent his daughter and son to faraway lands.
The pious spend their time talking, dwelling, visualizing about God. But the one thing that they should never forget is that they are the tool of God. To be the best tool they should perform to their highest capacity. The efficiency of their performance has to be the perfect one.
Just think about it from your own perspective. If the fuel efficiency of your car comes down, don’t you want to junk it and buy another? Same way with household appliances, you want perfect performances from your washing machine, grinder mixer, toaster, grill, microwave and others. So, if you think it is under performing you will be angry and will want to throw it away.
So if you consider yourself as the best tool in the hands of God, then you should be giving peak performances. Not giving reasons for underperforming and procrastinating.
Love and devotion apart, you are His representative in this creation and you are the great goddess or god, the deities who are His extensions! Then if you are just crying or singing for Him, who will do your job? So it’s important to perform the actions needed from you efficiently.
Look at the sun and moon, weather and seas, the human body and birds, animals and forests! Are these not doing their respective duties with perfect synchronicity? If one sequence goes haywire the whole system will collapse. So doesn’t your beard come in time, the body starts its growth perfectly and so on. Just imagine the beard grows on a two year old? So if everything is so perfectly timed out and performing, then why can’t you?
So do your duties with perfection and put in your best performance. Do it in time. Be the best tool of God. Stop procrastinating or feeling lazy. Just be good to yourself and perform your worldly duties to perfection. Meanwhile you can still feel like crying, singing songs, horripilating, dancing or just being lost in The Lord!