Love To Deride And Degrade!

You love to deride and degrade yourselves. You give yourselves all sorts of reasons and you start believing that you are incapable or unable to do or achieve that. You are leading yourself into the chasm of hopelessness and ruin.
Many a times you have arrived at a conclusion that there are no hopes in some relationships, no dreams of getting the high paying job, no aspirations of higher studies or entry into prestigious institutions or having a decent life! You have given up in life.
Everyone arrives at this stage many times and yet if you retrospect you will see that you have always surmounted the greatest of odds and come out victorious. So what makes you think that this time it is the last and final?
You have lost your will to fight or struggle now at this crucial juncture or are you just turning yellow and have no guts to face it?
Facing the toughest situation in life, one must forge ahead. Never give up hope. The one word that you need to hold tight to is faith in your own self. Struggle is a part and parcel of everyone’s life and you are no exception. But still you believe that you are the greatest martyr or sufferer in life. That’s called self pity and depriving the inner being of showing you the moon.
Human beings have a very resilient nature, capable of facing the greatest odds in life. But the one thing which is the greatest impediment in life is called “the mind” and to overcome that is the greatest struggle and not the circumstances.
Objects have a habit of teasing you and it’s in their nature but it is within your own hands not to get disturbed by them. A liquor bottle has it’s own nature of intoxicating a person but it is within the persons hands not to drink it! Here the mind is the one which you have to overcome and not the bottle.
So the next time you believe you have reached the end of tether, just know that maya is playing havoc with you through your mind and nothing else. Knowing that much will help you overcome her. Self effort is the only method of getting out of that hellhole. So let not maya win that war over your decision making. Force yourself to know that it’s a trick of the illusory maya. Overcome that mind of yours.
Victory will always be at hand if you can overcome the Maya’s play of the mind game. Just know that you are capable of anything in this world and win that battle.
Let not petty thoughts trouble you, which anyway you will regret them later. Do what it takes you to rise above. Face your devils and be victorious. What is the use of self pity of accepting defeat in life? It’s better to die fighting and get killed in a righteous war than accept death or defeat?
So get up and fight! You are your own best friend or your worst enemy so why not fight?


Image Courtesy by Google Images