Love Your Job?

Do you love your job? Most of us will answer vehemently with a negative. So my next question will be, why not? You will say there are too many contentious issues like a tardy boss, unhelpful colleagues, long working hours, terrible pay, too much of travel and so on. I get it, you have experienced the disgust and pressures of work.
When you landed the job, you were on top of the world. You got the best break of your life. You found every little thing over there more wonderful every single day. You wondered why other companies or employers couldn’t think about those little efficient things or methods for their own companies. You went there negotiating your terms of pay, work conditions, etc. but those were in comparison to your past knowledge. You surely had landed the best possible job of your life time.
Soon, the dream wears off and reality sets in. Everything is not hunky dory as it seemed before. Your boss was a brute who made you slog day in and out. Overburdened you with so much work that it would take three other hands to do a similar workload. You hardly found time to have a decent lunch. You never could ask for holidays and if you were to take your designate offs then there would be work to take there too. Even on your holidays you were told never to keep your phone off or silent. You could have an emergency at work, even while you are at sea or in the deepest caverns. Now let’s tackle the toughest on the list. Your pay turned out to be the biggest nonstarter in history. A similar employee who joined just around your time was getting twice as much as you. He wasn’t even qualified as much as you were. To top it all, he pandered to your boss and is now his drinking buddy.
The scope for getting a raise is dim. You were made to change the department just before your annual appraisal. Now that your reporting head is not the previous one, he says that he needs a years knowledge of how you work before he could give you a raise. The previous manager was an idiot who couldn’t care less, since he left halfway and said that the new boss would be doing whatever was needed. The new boss says that it isn’t his responsibility since the old one didn’t complete the formality. You are further pissed off since you found colleagues who don’t even know the ropes are senior to you and are getting paid much more than their grades. The new boss has his girlfriend in his team too. That’s highly unfair since she will not be doing much job and yet get to travel with that jerk and get all the perks. You won’t!
You can’t take the stress at work. You fall sick very often. Even your doctor doesn’t know what is wrong with you. You seem fine when your clinical reports arrive, yet you are sick. The work is taking its toll. You are irritable when you come home. You do not like to spend time in your family’s company and neither do your friends call you up. Your borrowings go up since you took many wrong decisions. Naturally, you hate your job.
Now how do you find the solution to this disruptive life? Of course, miracles do happen, you console yourself. Maybe the manager dies or your luck shines. But if solutions were so easy to come by, then everyone in this world would be happy. But it ain’t so simple. So what are the answers?
The Bhagvad Gita states that you have the right to work and action and not to the fruits of action. Here, you may construe that Krsna is telling you to suffer in your job. That is not the case.
He tells you to do your job diligently and better yourself all the time. If you can work hard and it pays you well then you can continue there itself, otherwise why can you not search for better opportunities?
Krsna never tells you not to better your lot. He always wants you to excel in whatever you do, so put your hundred percent efforts in it and work smarter. If your talent is not recognized in your workplace then move ahead. Better yourself every time by means of gaining knowledge or innovating.
Krsna tells Arjuna to fight a righteous war and gain back the kingdom. He tells Arjuna to get the best team in place, the best weapons in war and strategize. Just like the Art Of War.
Think about it this way, your happiness and excellent performance reflects all around. In your workplace and your home too. Your children will have a better parent and not a sulky one. Your smile will spread glory all around. So go ahead and better your lot always. Strive hard and move ahead if you find a roadblock. Overcome obstacles by application of proper knowledge.
God has given you a wonderful mind to better yourself, so use it judiciously. Don’t waste your life in a dead end place. Constantly move on and put all your efforts. Surely, you will perform miracles yourself. The God within will rise and make you a better person.

Image Courtesy by pixabay