Lust And Greed

Kali enters through the doorways of lust and greed. She is here to entice you through Her special tool of the trade. Hitting hard at your weakest spots right in your groins. She trounces using Her support group of ghosts and ghouls from Her family stable.
The Wild Oats Project is a new book by Robin Rinaldi, who writes about having sex with men and women with express permission from her married partner for one year. It sure is ready for a film.
Fifty Shades Of Gray is another book talking about BDSM type of sex with permission again. This is already a superhit film. Not to mention of another smuttier film released earlier called Nymphomaniac!
Deepika Padukone in her short film by Homi Adajania speaks of having sex before marriage and with another person while married, with a man or a woman too. It talks about choices that she has as a woman. She can do what she wants to with herself in whichever way she wishes to.
What happens to the law which calls for unnatural sexual acts now? Clearly proving that the law is an ass and ass is the king. Truly asinine stuff is being dished out to the common man. To further entice the human in gross sexual escapades, these film makers and writers are further pushing the limits beyond Vatsayans Kamasutra.
I am not saying that these gross mismanagement of sex hasn’t happened before, but today it has gone mainstream.
Yoga classes have become tantra classes with Lulumon pants and yoga pants. They stick to you like your second skin. Of course you are not allowed to say they are anyway sexy or giving anyone a hard time. They are truly innocuous and unseemingly innocent! You will laugh harder than ever if sex-Ed was introduced to the fourth graders by the time they were ten years old getting them ready for the romp in the grass or bed. But that is the intentions of all these film makers or writers. It’s like introducing them to pot or cigarettes with a warning label saying smoking is injurious to health.
This is equally gross when a young girl posted and reposted her menstrual blood on Instagram. They kept on removing her post and after she gave them a piece of mind, the company apologized to her and posted that picture back again. Tomorrow you may post your own poop saying that it is a natural phenomenon. How silly can one get?
But of course that is freedom. To write smut or hit film crap. Btw, what do you think this article is doing right now? It has caught you by your eyeballs because of the same smut! Just like wild western or ghost films. Films on outer space which are purely fictional form the major earnings of Hollywood. These are money making and eyeball gathering tactics. There was a time when Playboy and Penthouse formed the sexual free expression vehicles and today all that has gone mainstream.
There is no need to hide your porn anymore. You have big butts breaking the Internet to twerking and divas buying their own porn sites. Wonder upon wonders the next generation is future ready on the secret world of sex, right at their birth. No need for any mysterious sex-Ed classes. You go on get them educated naturally.
All the old timers are wondering what this world is coming to nowadays! But the spiritual ones recognize that that’s how it will pan out. No more hiding behind silly goggles or giggles. Bold and daring is the stuff of this world. The yuga of Kali is upon us. She rules the universe making the weaker people stronger and the strong ones weak. She promotes mayhem and disaster. Promiscuity and polygamist relationships proliferate between man, woman or even animals.
There is net neutrality and censorship in place but such things don’t need that. They anyway sneak inside our lives right in your face. Hiding behind the garb of feminism or freedom of speech or expression, these articles, books, movies or videos are filling up the social news stream every single day.
You will never be able to stop them at all. Those in the spiritual world will remain a witness to these aberrations. There is no point getting into arguments with the owners of such releases since that’s where the universe is heading. Kali needs these feed for Her proliferation. She too uses the social media for her viral growth. Clearly in command, She will grow exponentially breaking all previous records. Gangnam style here she comes to destroy your records.

Image Courtesy by pixabay