Lust For Life.

Why does a person lust for life even at death bed?Yesterday I met a woman who must be on the other side of fifty. She lives with her mother-in-law, another woman past her prime, alone, in a very huge property cluttered to the brim with so many collectors items. Paintings, wood works, statuettes, etc., adorn every nook and cranny of that opulent house. Across the street lives her mother alone with more stuff!
Now I wondered where will all these collectibles go after they pass away? Will it not go in the hands of another person who may not have any value for that?
I still remember a relative had stacked some of the holiest of books next to the toilet after her father-in-law died! Those were the prized possessions of that old man. The idea that those were holy books never bothered the lady. She junked them at the first given opportunity. The next time I saw the old mans room being redone to the taste of her young son! No trace of any possessions of that old person. Then the question is, why does a person collect things even after they know that these things have no value!
Greed and lust is the reason for that. You can want, desire, need, gather, collect or accumulate only because of these two diseases. We collect trinkets to the costliest of the things. Maybe a watch which costs the earth, to an expensive car which guzzles fuel but is never ridden on the road! We collect pieces of art to furnitures. Coins to paintings, clothes to shoes, whatnots to what fors! Do we even have any clue why we lust for these silly things?
We love to collect people also. Friends which have no real value but only good for your social circles! To be featured with dolts who have nothing common with you. Look at every party hosted by some celebrity. You will find useless and painful people gathered eating your stuff and burping your liquor down.
I remember a very famous actress lying in bed with her permanent partner, a bottle of booze next to her and not a single so called well-wisher in sight! What use is such a life!
Another great legend was dying of diabetes and no one visited him, except when he died , the useless friends visited with the media in tow!
Greed drives a person to collect stuff which then lies in some corner of our world. Look inside your world and you will find the first blouse worn by you or the first coin ever collected. You harbor so many memories in your attic or garage that you wonder why your house looks so small! Look into your shoes rack and you will be amazed.
I was reading an article in which a woman CEO traveller said that she had only ten items of clothing in her travel bag. Surprisingly she could be in the air the next instant.
Life need not be a clutter. Keep simply those things that are needed the most. Give away those things which have no value or those which you cannot hold due to security reasons. Like expensive jewelry! You may hardly wear those. They lie in vaults of some bank gathering dust and being a hole in your pocket and mind. They unnecessarily occupy your mind space too. When you gather, you have to give it space in your world and mind.
God has created beautiful things to be admired only and not possessed. Any which way you are not going to carry them back with you to hell or heaven, so what’s the use?
So stop this craving for stuff which will not accompany you even to your burial ground.