Magic Show

Magic ShowYou have seen magic shows of Penn and Teller or of Criss Angel and were fascinated by it. Don’t you always wonder how they did it?

In spiritual world too, we hear of so many miraculous things and wonder how it happens. We see these spiritual folks who appear so calm and peaceful and wonder how they can appear so meditative and composed. Then we look at our lives and see the terrible things going on out there. Our lives are full of upsets and disasters so we too aspire to become peaceful and calm just like those spiritual folks.

It isn’t with magic that these spiritual beings become peaceful but with knowledge alone. We are like the audience watching the magic shows and our knowledge about the magic tricks is minimal. Once we know how the trick is performed, why would we appear fascinated? We too can then perform the same and feel satisfied with the results.

So the next time you see a Buddha-like guy who appears calm and composed, know that he too is going through the same shit as you are but he is able to handle it better and you can’t. The difference between the two is only the knowledge and ignorance.

So now you know spiritual is all about knowing. It is only with practice that you too shall learn the trick of becoming calm and peaceful with this spiritual knowledge. So stay with me and I will guide you through your difficult times by applying certain basic magical spiritual lessons.

In the next lesson we will get to meet the crew members or band members who are responsible for the acts. Let’s meet our very own assistants who will help us with our magic.

Image Credit: Pixabay