Male Female Orientation

Today we did a verse which talked about male female orientation controlled by Shiva. I couldn’t elaborate much then, so I am writing this essay here.
Everyone has an orientation which we studied in school which spoke of xx or xy. Beyond that we have hardly explored. We always thought people who behaved in a very awkward manner, are not leaning on either the male female principle as weird. But there exists various kinds of people out there. They are either of the two mentioned above or xxy, xo, or whatever. So does it mean that sexual orientation is defined by the genes or something else?
We also know that before anything can come up, the thought comes. It can define your orientations. Now you can argue all that you want and I can tell you take it or leave it. This isn’t a scientific study but in the future science will vindicate this story here.
When the child is born, we have defined its characteristics when we observe the sexual organ. We believe we have a girl or a boy child. But is that the truth? There are girls born but with predominant characteristics of a male and the reverse too. Is it easy to understand that? Later in life they may completely change their sexual orientations. So why are we so much concerned whether it’s a boy or a girl? The genes may give us some picture but that may not be the truth at all. He may be more happier in girls company, wearing more colorful garments, playing with dolls and so on. Did you see how conditioned we have made ourselves here? I said playing with dolls which is a sort of girl trait as per our understanding. But then again, it’s imposed by us on our children. So does it mean to say we should let the child decide what orientation to have?
So here I am telling you how it all works. The thought is the process initiator. The thought begins our journey in how we tend to see ourselves. Male or female character is as if put upon by our thoughts. We believe we are male or female and the world out there make us believe in that. Suppose the thought tells us that being macho means to play rugby or football and playing with dolls or house-house is the girls initiative. We have begun our journeys with a prototype of male or female identification.
The environment contributes so much to it also. If we play with so called girl toys and we have male identification we are called names like sissy or girlish or whatever. This can suppress our own orientation. We are forced to play with wrong toys and wrong company. This becomes a complete mismatch.
Hence I say male organ doesn’t identify maleness and female as feminine. So again we have arrived at another hurdle, what are you? Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual or any other? This definition is wrong since we can take whichever leaning we think of. The thought defined our existence so this process of our own journey in the world decides which way we want to proceed. Cowed down by society and organ related gender, a human can assume the role but he may be wrongly typecast. So we better be careful before we start feeding the mind what it is- male or female. The idea of the body taking shape or form decides the fate we say, but let me say here itself, that the thoughts decides what you want to be and you can follow through.
The brain starts churning out juices or as we say hormones depending upon what characteristics we want to take.
We will have male hormones flowing through our body transforming it into a male, if we accept the thinking that we are males. Similarly, the female hormones surge when we believe we are females due to the thought processing.
So imposing any gender bias on the child is not right. Leanings have to be given the right feeds. Society or religion cannot define what roles to play for anyone. Your own thinking will lead you towards your own orientation. So always follow your thought processes. Develop the idea of the right orientation of your body, otherwise you will end up having a woman inside a male body with a supposedly male organ. Or a male inside a woman’s body with female organs and characteristics.
So society should not impose or thrust itself just because the body looks male or female. Or the hormones talk or body appears that way. Allowing that human to decide for themselves what they are is true democracy and freedom. Not some standard definition that males are males only because they have a male organ or female because they have female organs. So let’s not decide any ones fate by observations alone.
Lastly to end with here. Two most important points to remember here. These are spiritual truths.
Just know you are not that which you are told who you are but you are the true divine and have no sexual orientations at all. You are that eternal spirit which is truly androgynous!