Many Versions Of Truth?

Why do we give so many versions of truth? When the truth should be one alone and unmovable.
There is a box of sweets lying in the fridge and you have told your mother not to have any, since she suffers from diabetes. Then one fine day, you search the fridge for it and there isn’t any trace of it. When you ask around, everyone denies it. Your wife says that she doesn’t even have any idea there were sweets in the fridge. The son agrees that he ate only one piece, the day you offered everyone. The daughter insists she is off carbs and sweets since she is putting on weight. You talk to the walls loudly, so that the culprit can hear.
She comes out and says that there were no sweets left in the box, so she threw it. You insist there were a lot in the box. She reluctantly agrees that she gave a few to the maid and the rest she has no idea about. You persist with your jabs and she then tells you, maybe she ate one of them. Then another round of questioning and she tells you that she wants to go away somewhere or to put her in a old age home, since they will never accuse an old frail woman. The guilt becomes so strong that she retaliates back with tears and rejoinders. She tells you how she took care of you as a baby and the spiel is terrible. The subject matter of sweets gets diluted by emotional play then.
So now you understand that truth comes only in small doses and never complete. Would you know that half truth is no truth at all?
Take the case of you asking your son, whether his girlfriend drinks or not and he answers very strangely. First he will tell you how good she is. Then he will tell you about her family background. Then he will tell you she has drinks only during Christmas with her family for that occasion. Later, he will agree that she drinks on only social gatherings. Then she has during weekend sometimes. Lastly, she has just finished her sessions at AA. Humor me! You say!
So truth comes in small doses and never complete. Our mythology is filled with it. Let’s take the example of Jesus on the cross and His resurrection. How many theories are there about that? From proving His non existence to proving He lived for over hundred years and died in Hazratbal in Kashmir. So what is the truth? Take Buddha and you will find His birth in Lumbini is doubted. His strange birth with Brahmaji presiding over it. His death and so much of deceit and mystery associated with it. If we take up the case of JFK also, it works in the same region. No one has any idea on one hand and so many conspiracy theories on the other.
Again, you ask yourself what is the truth? It comes cloaked in lies and deceit.
There is no truth in this world to begin with. It is believed this created universe is just a dream in the mind of the divine. Maya, as understood by Hindus or Buddhists tells us about the uncertain and unreal world. It is full of illusion.
So in conclusion, I can say that someone who is unreal and having an unreal experience is unreal too. It’s like Harry Potter having a dream. Both will be unreal- the character and his dream too. So then what is the truth and real? Only the NOW is real and the ONE who is the owner of this great drama company. The worldly stage is owned by someone and the dreamer is real. He is the truth. His dream is unreal so we who are the characters in His dream are unreal also. So any incident or interaction done by us is unreal too. So there is no truth is anything at all. Living every single day and performing the role of a dream character perfectly is the only way out. So let’s be the perfect character as portrayed by the dreamer. So just live the role everyday to perfection. Be in the here and the now. Amen!

Image Courtesy by pixabay