Mentally Hurt Humans!

The hurt felt by humans physically is far lesser then that felt mentally. Humans have the capacity to use the mind to elaborate or reduce the pain felt in any incidence in life. You can feel hurt or just not.
You are a dark skinned person or slightly on the plumper side and others pointing that out to you can really make you feel miserable throughout the day or life. Blacks in the world are always pointed out that they are black. It doesn’t make them inferior to another person but by thinking about it in a very self degrading way you can make life full of anger or hurt.
When someone says something derogatory or demeaning stuff, it affects us immediately. We feel terrible and then start thinking how small or miserable we are and consider others far more superior.
The know alls of this world make us feel small and insignificant. We believe our knowledge and understanding is never upto the mark. They show that they have so much knowledge that you never stand a chance in front of them.
But know that there isn’t anyone in this world who is knowing everything of everything. Everyone may have specific knowledge only up to a level that they can grasp but not beyond. So there is no need of feeling incomplete or inadequate. You too can learn. Learning is a never ending process. You only need the urge to learn and grow more knowledgeable. You don’t need any specific age group to start the process of learning. It can happen at any age.
So now is the time to learn. Now is the time to stop feeling miserable and look ahead to a better you. Stop being sorry or pathetically neurotic about your disabilities or inabilities. Here and now you begin on a fresh page. Get going now.hurt