Mentored And Coached!

You were mentored and coached! You heard motivational speakers and went for pep talks. You read articles on how to develop that enthusiasm for your job and how to make more money.
You also see programs on television about great personalities and videos of the super rich and famous.
You cried at the TED talks and heart wrenching stories of how people made it in this world. You listened to your parents telling you about the poor and the needy scrapping up their last meal and becoming educated on scholarships. You tell your own kids about these superhuman beings who have achieved their status and fame in life. You egg people to follow examples and charge them up for greater glory.
Then why can these people not get the desired results? Then why are you still having to struggle in life? Then why do you believe all the above examples are good for motivational talks but are not viable or doable stuff in your daily life?
You believe in some strange glitch in the system whereas others are concerned which makes them deliver results. On the other hand where you are concerned it’s flawlessly defective system which makes it difficult for you to achieve success.
It’s great stories of Gates or Buffett to hear but truthfully they are there only due to luck or some hard work. Circumstances were favorable to them. And in some cases God was partial to them. So it’s a pipe dream to achieve their kind of success, you think! You can aim for it but in the heart of hearts you know it’s never going to happen.
You were always told to dream big and aim to be the best or the number one. No one ever told you to become a failure. Those who believe in destiny say that if it is within your purview of destiny then it will happen. But if it is beyond that scope then come what may nothing will ever happen.
So are all at the mercy of destiny? Why do you get demotivated so soon? Why can you not hold up that enthusiasm for long? Why do you blame the whole world and universe for failures?
After seeing that demo or hearing that talk of success and setting out to win, why are you so demotivated and depressed? When you were targeting that success, you never for once thought about failure or defeat, then why are you so lost and defeated in life?
Everything stems from desire. Desire is the root cause of all your thinking. You see people winning and desires well up in your heart and then you want to emulate them. You lie, cheat, push and pull, cook up and fudge stuff to be that goody goody self. But success eludes you. People say you gotta become wise and stop dreaming. Let anyone say anything, nothing is going to change. So why dream or have great visions of grandeur?
So you ask me, are you going to give me a solution here or were you wasting my time making me read this demotivating crap?
Of course, I am here to give you answers so let’s begin.
These motivational speakers are doing their jobs of motivation. It’s in your hands whether to get inspired or not. You can aim to be a success or not but any which way the result is never in your hands. Know that you can plan for success but you cannot control the end result.
So stop focussing on end results and just pay attention to doing your job perfectly. Put all that you have in you and be your very own good self. Don’t bother what the results are going to be. If you know results are not going to be favorable then your efforts will be flawed and completely not devoted. So don’t focus on results but focus on doing your job perfectly. Put your hundred percent. Why bother what is going to happen? Any which way you cannot control it. Also once something has happened can it be undone? So don’t bother.
Get inspired but be your good self. Do whatever is needed and reach there. Continue to do even if you are successful or defeated. Never give up by preempting or predicting something. Keep going and keep on doing.
Be like the earth. It is inundated with water or snow but soon there is sunshine. It rains and then dries up. There is night and then daylight. So just keep on doing. Someday you will reach or achieve success. So don’t stop. You do your job and let the motivational speakers do theirs.

Image Courtesy by pixabay