Miracles Or Trickery?

baby-733125_1280-minEvery time you hear that someone produced a gold chain or holy ash know that isn’t a miracle. A conjured watch or chain has been manufactured with details of its creation on earth by some human. Miracles are truly inexplicable phenomenon which have no earthly explanations. They are one off phenomena and never repeated. No human can perform them. They are only performed to confirm belief and faith in humans about the divine or unknown! They are not magicians cheap tricks. The persona associated with these is truly divine and far beyond comprehension. They live a pious and frugal life and are never ostentatious.
Never get conned by grandeur or pompous show of wealth and public relations circuses. Always use your God given intellect to question the truth about such miraculous beings. Only believe in that true God within you.
Stop getting conned by charlatans who sell cures, who change destiny or who talk about eternal bliss and pathway to heavens. So stop being naive and check out that so called miracle being performed for your attention. Be aware.

Image Credit: pixabay