Mission Statement

Mission StatementGod, do I need a personal mission statement?

Well, have you made one? Let me hear it!

Yes, I made it last week. But to tell you the truth, I think it needs tweaking.

Ha, ha! You have tweaked so many mission statements before this.

That’s right! I think I have written those statements since my school days.

So what’s the new mission statement? Let’s hear it out.

God, there is this thing I am worried about and I feel I needed to do something about it.

You mean to say, that your mission statement is like the Beauty Contestants. I want world peace and save the environment….

Don’t make fun of me! I just feel everyone needs to think about world peace and our environment.

Yeah, I know how you feel. But the moment you hear someone rant on national television or Twitter, you don’t want world peace. You want to fight!

My blood boils when I hear the issues which go viral. Look at the rapes, murders, politics, oil and stock market crashes, terrorism, gun violence and many other contentious issues.

So whom do you blame these issues on? Politicians, circumstances, atrocities or me?

I do feel many a times you should have made a perfect world. Then we wouldn’t have had so many troubles. God, why couldn’t you make a perfect creation?

I did make a perfect world. Man didn’t want it that way. Man always searches for flaws. He had to destroy the peace and perform the first sinful act. You call it karma.

But you should have restricted him when he was doing that. Why didn’t you stop him then?

Ah! You really feel that I didn’t do anything at all? I wrote my first rule book and gave it to him. I told him not to fall into the trap of actions which leads him to sin. But he couldn’t care less.

That’s temptation which caused him to fall. Why blame man when you even made temptation?

Desires are the root cause for performance of any action. Actions leads one to karma. I gave him everything on a platter and yet he wanted the forbidden.

I think I understand. When man gets everything on a platter, he wants to revolt and get into a rebellious state. He cannot enjoy peace, tranquility or order. He loves war, disturbance and chaos. When he is disturbed, he wants peace.

That’s the irony of desires. Man doesn’t care for peace or war also. Likewise, it is with this creation. There will be ice age and then there will be terrible heat. The cyclical nature is a constant change.

Why have we digressed so far? I was asking you about my mission statement and you dragged me into all these unrelated topics.

I didn’t take you there without a reason. I just wanted to show you that you can still write your mission statement but be flexible. You will anyway change it.

So what is the use of writing that anyway? I would rather shelve it.

No, don’t do that. Write it down. If you don’t then the next step doesn’t happen. It’s all in a sequence so do write it down.

I don’t understand you, God. You give me all the reasons for not writing it down and now you insist I write it.

Yes, yes! You have to write it even though you might chuck it later. Listen, haven’t you seen twenty girls before you got married to the twenty first?

That’s right! I saw as many as twenty. But what are you trying to say?

What I mean is, if you hadn’t seen the fourteenth, fifteenth or sixteenth girl, how could you have reached your twenty first right girl?

This whole creation is a sequence then. Wonder why I didn’t think about it? I can see the pattern now.

I want you to know that even if nothing happens or something happens, the unending flow of events will happen. There is always movement in stillness. All that you see is illusory. So you got to do what you are supposed to do.

Aha! That’s why I have been buying the Lotto tickets for the last ten years but haven’t won. I call it hope.

I term it desire. Desire eggs you on towards your future. Man performs actions and gets into the cycle of karma. So keep on writing.

My new year resolutions are also like that. Nothing happens and yet I write them down. That’s ingenious, God! So I will now go ahead and tweak my mission statement, any which way. After all, you know what has to follow will do so.

Good boy. You will someday reach your goal but you may not even notice it. You would be looking ahead then. There is no limit to greed, lust, anger or desires!

So stop me when I demand more. Let your grace be on me to stop being voracious. Let me have satisfaction soon enough.

It doesn’t work like that. You have to draw the line here and now. You have to become satiated here itself. Do you want to stop now?

No way. I have so many responsibilities and duties in this world to perform. Some day I will be ready. Until then let me desire some. Now I will go back to my mission statement.

Image Credit: FiMM