Money And God

Money is the greatest driving force in the material world. Ask any material worldly person and they will tell you that. As they say in the world,”he will be willing to sell his soul also to the devil for that little bit of cash.” It is proved by so many stories, even in the case of Judas, they say! You can buy trust too.
Now consider this, you have to believe in the unknown and unseen in spiritual. No proof of existence of that being or person anywhere. Yet, when we are down and out and have to put our trust in someone we think about God! Now think if that money can buy you this relationship with God? No amount of money can get you this trust! Does it mean to say, you cannot buy anything in the spiritual world?
So doesn’t it prove you that money is not the driving force in this world. Something different is here at play.
The single most important binding material is faith. Trust in God, that invisible and unknown force in this world.
No amount of money can buy you this faith in God. To cement that bond further you should cover it with single pointed devotion. Trust Him, Love Him and Honor Him and you cannot go wrong in any world!
And for that paper money, get the hang of it from the markets. It fluctuates all the time and sometimes it becomes worthless! So how can you believe in the power of that money?

Image Courtesy by pixabay