Money And Who Deserves It Most

They say truth can be bought by money. Sometimes you can shut up a person when you ask for money and money can shut a person up too. Money is a great evil when you have it and when you don’t. When you have it, you want to make judgement as to who should get it and who shouldn’t. You need justification for everything. When a person doesn’t have, they are very afraid. Everyday they wonder how they will survive the next day. And then those who are in between have great dreams. Now if you were a neutral God, whom would you want to give? You can’t say that I will give to the ones who deserve most. Everyone deserves. So you leave it to destiny. Those who give will get and then those who don’t will not. Hence God doesn’t interfere in that. His rule rules. Deities give and then you are trapped in their world just like Shylock trapped the needy. So know that.

Image Courtesy by pixabay