Money For Everything!

Why does it cost money for everything? It costs money to get married. It costs money to bring a child into this world. It costs money to educate the child. It costs money to buy a decent home. To feed and wear clothes. It costs money to make money too. So what is free in this world, when every darned thing requires money to move itself??? Man strives harder and harder to make more and more money for all of the above. And then he dies not having achieved half of what he planned. Broken and bruised, he succumbs to death, unable to provide for himself or his family. What use is this life when he always searches for happiness beginning to end? And never finds it? Reminds you of the story of the ascetic. He goes out to beg and gets twice the amount as food. He stores the rest after partaking what he needs then. A rat comes and eats up what he saved. To catch the rat who eats his stored food everyday, he adopts a cat. To help the cat stay with him, he needs to feed her milk. So he adopts a cow. To milk the cow he needs a person. So he gets a wife. When there is wife, there is sex. She begets children. The children need food and clothing and shelter so the ascetic has to go in search of a job. Today the ascetic is no longer that. He has become an ass working for his family and a sceptic in life. Every additional desires that we have, every little attachments we grow with, every little needs and wants gives rise to further entrapment in this material world. More and more such bindings makes the human being unhappy, dissatisfied, disturbed, angry, lusty, greedy, covetous and develops too many attachments. So finally we come to the same issue of money, greed, survival and bodily needs. Never has a man escaped from the clutches of that. What use is this struggle for silliest of the things? If life has to go on, why not on frugal means? Why have a bigger hungry mouth? It’s a never ending pit of endless proportions. The yogi truly doesn’t need any of the above. He remains free from the burdens of attachments and desires. Become a yogi!