Money Trouble?

Why is money the one single criteria for everyone’s troubles? Money rules everyone’s life right from the time they understand transactions.
When you have money, everyone envies you.
When you don’t have it, you have a craving for it.
Money shortages can cause relationships to sour or bonds to be destroyed.
When you have money, your anxieties to protect it is much more.
When you don’t have, you are worried how you are going to survive and how bills are going to get paid.
When you have it, you dream of making it more by crazy means like investment in shares and properties.
When you don’t have it, you wonder whether you will have to go hungry or thirsty.
When you have it relatives come in search of you and when you don’t they all refuse to recognize you.
When money flows, you can have an Harvard education and pay for it and make so much money after you finish it.
When there is paucity of funds you have the greatest difficulty to pay a common school fees too. Forget about landing a well paying job! You will struggle to keep the one you have.
You don’t count pennies when you have millions to bother about. But when you don’t even the pennies pinch the most.
When you have it, you don’t even know that poor use the whirring bladed fans. You live only in the air conditioned atmosphere. The poor meanwhile have nothing to cover themselves when the mosquito bites.
The poor travel by suburban trains hanging at the footboard or squished like sardines in the compartments but the rich travel in luxury of the BMW or Mercedes cars less than a kilometer away and they just walk to the elevators.
The monied do the treadmill and Pilates but the have-nots get crushed under the feet of the rich and exploited like the twist of the bodies and ropes.
Now that you have understood the so called material worldly truth, what would you prefer? Money or no money? Money, of course and pots of it!
The desire to have it and never feel deprived is so strong that you will be willing to do anything for it. Work so hard and slog away to glory. You can be the stooge of anyone who can show you how to be rich.
But you are not on the right track here. You have missed the point completely. So read here what you missed. The formula for success in money matters has no relevance to what you understand.
Those who are rich are either born into riches or get them so easily. So some examples will help. The Kingly don’t need introductions. The Prince of a scion is already rich enough. The ones who top the Fortune 500 are getting money so easily and you will agree that there are others who tried so much harder that they are still the poorest. Bill Gates, Lee Ka Shing, Carlos Slim, Ingvar Kamprad, etc., worked hard, you say? Take a billion votes and see if the people say they actually slogged. It’s just like the space craft journey. You require one huge thrust and then you have broken away from the restraining forces to get to the furtherest corners of outer space. These people too tried hard and broke the ceiling but then their journey was assisted by something else. Destiny! If you are destined then you will get it. Everyone works hard but hardly anyone gets it. So the truth is destiny alone.
You too can write your own destiny if you so require to. Think riches when you are about to die. Say, I want to eat money for breakfast, lunch and dinner and you will have you next birth rolling in money. God will grant you that by making you a white ant in wads of money. What says? Then you can eat and drink money for all your meals.
You don’t believe me? Then ask that worm inside the ripe mango and he will tell you how he was born to how he came on your table rolling in that fruit.
The greed for money drives humans to the edge of reason. They are willing to do anything for it. Even print tickets for illegal betting or use fake coins at gambling dens.
Easy come and easy goes is the refrain of the Queen song. Those who get money easily loose it too that way.
Money doesn’t lie in the obvious. You have to be a sneaky person to know where you can make money. Take the case of day traders in the exchanges. They know the more they buy and sell, they make more money than their clients. The money doesn’t come by selling white goods but their services and consumables. The pack of soap doesn’t have margins but the packing carton has margins. Selling the packaging carton yields money which is unaccounted for.
In the same way, take out more wastage in a production mill and sell the scrap and you have made huge money which was seen as useless scrap.
In cement manufacture, the cement bag doesn’t carry much margin but sell the sludge and make money.
Selling washing machine doesn’t have money in it. Time the IC in it to fail after 400 days and the owner doesn’t have warranty. So now he better pay a hefty amount to replace the IC circuit. These are devious ways you too can make money.
Money comes with deviousness and trickery so you decide whether you too are ready to follow that trail? Or should we call it luck or chance? Or destiny and magic?
So now let’s end this round about by saying that it is not so easy to make millions. I am happy where I am. Anyway, I am too tired to lift my backside to do anything at all. I don’t have the capacity to slog so much. Anyway luck is never on my side. God is unhappy with me. The universe makes only the rich richer so I don’t qualify. It’s too late in the day. I don’t have the stamina or capacity to do like those blokes.
Anyway I play the pools so someday I may win. Till then I can just hope. Someday I will be rich. Sigh!

Image Courtesy by pixabay