Mostly Off Romance!

romanceThe off now and on later romance of life is very unnerving as it is mostly off! Going through your troughs and crests in life, the boat moves on. Yet there is nothing forward to look to.
Most of you are at a stage where moving ahead is painful. 90% of the world lives in that condition. I may not have the statistics to prove that but your good times last for only ten percent of the time. 40 percent goes in inertia or sleep and the rest of 50 percent you live in gloom and dreary state. Full of depression and anger state. You can’t see life and it’s upside.
Either your state has been brought about by your spouse, your boss or your other relatives and friends. You cannot escape these people anyway so listening to them or thinking about them, you bring about these states. The other things that contribute towards it is money matters, home issues, emotional issues, growth and career, sickness and pain, food and studies…. And so on!
So what can you do about it? You still want to continue to wallow in the same state like before or would you prefer getting out?
Straining relationships or bad bosses dictate that you get out and find another place for yourself. Money and emotional matters can be sorted out by proper planning and execution. Facing these situations squarely in the face you can sort them out. The rider is a big one here- Only If You Want To!
If You love to be the underdog, the hurt one, the bullied type, the pig rolling in the mud and dirt, the eternal martyr or just another jerk, then you wouldn’t want to change! Enjoy your own torture. To get out of your current state you require tremendous will and self driving power.
Every man loves to repeat the same mistakes again and again. They love to wallow in misery always. To make such a person rise is the toughest thing of all.
You have to make Self Efforts to rise above. So decide if you care for the fifty percent or would you want to raise the good times percentage?
It’s all in your own hands to raise yourself. Remember the eighty-twenty rule? Now this is a new rule. This is fifty-ten rule. You can increase it as much as you want. Only if you wish to. That means only you can put in your self efforts and no god can change that.
So why not try to break the rule and change for the better? Go on do it! Go ahead and trying changing your outlook and yourself for the better.

Image Courtesy by pixabay