My Watch Is Late By One Minute!

Most of us are indignant and forceful in our statement when we insist that we have completed the prescribed task. But the verdict is against us. Ask yourself why did that happen?
It all starts with a certain task to be performed at that moment. We aim to do it but delay for multiple reasons. Even though we complete the task, we have taken too much of the time. You have finished it, yet you don’t get the fruits of that action. Then you ask God why He is unjust?
God gave you a very mundane task which could have been completed at that precise moment. But you procrastinate and later you give your own justification for the delay. In Gods world any delay from your end is a non qualifier. You have to do the right thing at the right moment. Not later!
A moments delay can destroy this creation. A single mismatch could signal the final dissolution. Everything works in clockwork precision. Except in your world! You have a grand notion about delivering results at your own pace and leisure. If only you were the creator then your world would have been a lazy one, right? God wonders if only you could learn the meaning of “doing things in time”! The next time you ask God for something, He would grant it in His next one minute. Which is equal to a million years! Is that ok?

Image Courtesy by pixabay