Myths And Their True Meanings

True meaningsWe look at life through a series of pictures and stories. In ancient times the sages and great authors told stories to convey meanings to the people. Later as time passed the great kings organized story telling competitions.
The beautiful books from the past reveals us these things. Take the case of Iliad, Ramayana or The Arabian Nights.
In today’s day and age it’s the media which shapes our life. We read books, watch movies and serials or read newspaper or Internet. The media revolution today has expanded our quest for knowledge. So we use our senses and mind to draw us the meanings after using these mediums.
The stories from the past were very unbelievable since they spoke of magic and sorcery. Today any mention of such stuff would make it fictional. We do have scifi stuff today in books and movies also but they look very plausible.
Not so about the ancient texts. The vimanas or flying objects were so dynamic. They could transport you in a jiffy but there is no known technology mentioned about them so we look at them suspiciously. So also magic weapons or astra shastra. I am sure you will discount them today and wonder how they could have been made then! In the same way today’s sci fi movies show us fantastic technology but you may see these working few years later.
The kind of stories like Superman, Batman, comic book stories are just like the made up old stories. People or creatures with superhuman powers. You discount them immediately. But stories which talk of space or world annihilation seem very plausible.
Today there are no Godly heroes but human beings with great powers. They seem too good to be true but finally they save the world. And have you wondered why they are from one super power. The heroes talk of saving nations, their leaders, their families, friends or their space stations colonies. There are no lessons which can shake the earth or create religions. Except Star Wars. They started the religion of the Force. Let the Force be with you. An Avatar is some blue creature who dies and lives like a human. A Vishnu sleeps on a poisoned island. A Hanuman or Ganesha fights locals goons. They have more childish appeal. Wonder what the modern God does next? I hope He has better job than saving leaders or people and stick to bigger picture.
Mythology and stories about Holy people have molded our characters and have instilled certain beliefs in the mystical. They are told only with the intention of straightening our lives. Lets hope the sceptics do not change the true meaning of these great works. Lets also hope that fanatics do not force your beliefs. Lets derive true meanings out of such stuff and hope we have a better world.

Photo Credit: pixabay