Nirlajyam Sadha Sukhi

NIrlajyam Sadha SukhiNirlajyam sadha Sukhi is a saying I has heard when I was a kid. I never could fathom what it meant till the last few years.
I met a young man who had a voracious appetite for food. He wouldn’t feel ashamed to ask for more food. I liked him a lot and I always used to make fun of him. One day I asked him if he felt ashamed to ask for more or not? He told me that he has his bodily needs and the urge to fulfill them created the demands. So he just diligently fulfilled them. There was no shame or remorse in him. What is the use of remaining hungry, he asked? I liked his explanation.
I wanted some money from some reason once. I was feeling extremely awkward to ask people around. My little ego came in the way so I kept quiet.
Then I married a Gujarati lady and since that day I stopped feeling sorry for myself. She gave me that mental strength to ask and not feel small. You cannot do business if you cannot ask for money. What use is the shame or shyness? It’s not going to put food on the table she said.
It took me a while before I could daringly ask for money or food or for that matter help from anyone!!!
Then came my spiritual world. The first thing is to leave the ego outside when you remove your shoes. Every temple or Gurusthan or place where Guru lives, you have to leave your footwear outside as a mark of respect and submission to the honored one. Your ego has to be subdued and destroyed.
We were taught to go and ask for bhiksha or beg for food or other simple stuff. This is the technique prescribed by the holy texts and sages. This destroys any ego that lurks. You have to beg from all kinds of people. Known and unknown. This also tells you what kind of a world it is. Greed and lust rules the world. You have to leave all these unwanted stuff away when you step into spiritual.
So in conclusion, I can only say that stop being shy, introverted, ashamed or remorseful. There is no greater sin then not trying. So try you must, without an iota of ego or so called self respect. You are not greater than Jesus or Krsna. So stop thinking about prestige. Do what is needed and stop thinking what is the world going to say! You don’t be a hypocrite like the world.

Image Courtesy by pixabay