No Belief In God?

There is no belief in God by the younger generation or by the previous one too! There are no rules to be followed by those that have broken away from tradition. The celebration of the festival of Rakshabandhan or Dussera, Divali or Holi have taken different hues and no tradition is followed.
You may wonder why this has happened when we are a free and a secular country? Let me give you an idea about it.
The younger generation needs proof of the pudding before they can believe in anything or anyone remotely connected in spiritual. This disbelief stems from the fact that they have never been given satisfactory answers by their parents or religious leaders. If they have to bow down to some statue or go to some temple, their question is why they should do that? Has anyone seen God? Has anything happened to these believers to make them believe in God? Some miracle or some sort of darshan? These elders can never give any satisfactory answers so it is but logical to disbelieve! No one has given the proof of the existence of God but have blindly believed in whatever was dished out to them!Belief
The current breed of pseudo religious leaders dish out some sort of yogic exercise or weird courses in meditations as spiritual or religious beliefs. Some more promote weird propitiation of gods by some prayers or symbolic ceremonies. Just like every other person seems to have some silly doshas or afflictions and they should go to some vague temple or place to remove it paying thousands to these unscrupulous jerks. Now these kind of beliefs do not go well with the current generations.
So they should be offered absolutely logical and viable answers for their curiosity in God. No one should try to give them answers which have no acceptable reasoning.
God according to the newer set of people is a very kind fellow with good intentions. He doesn’t frown upon them since He knows what they are doing is right. An all conducive God with modern outlook. He doesn’t frown on Mika or Gaga! He loves their Temple Run and shoots Grumpy Feathered creatures. But doesn’t have silly and stupid ceremonies to perform.
God is that dude who listens to them when they want good marks in entrance exams, gives them dates with the hottest chics, gives holidays when they want to laze in bed, gets them admission in the coolest campuses, takes them to yoga classes where they get to meet the sexiest babe alive, makes their dream come true by giving inspiration to write the latest apps, giving them latest gadgets and gizmos and more such endless stuff to pander to their needs and desires.
So tell me why should they believe in some fuddy duddy god who doesn’t talk or answer them at all? They believe that the coolest swamiji can satisfy their baser instincts so why bother about some weird god above? Anyway no old god can answer them! So why bother?