No Laughter Or Joy!

No Laughter Or JoyThere is no laughter or joy anymore. Life has become a big pain in the rear. You wish the world would cease to exist. But long ago there was a time…..
I am sure going to the market with your mother or grandmother was an activity you loved the most. They taught you things hands on there. Selecting veggies or fish, buying meat or just some salt! You enjoyed it every minute. You almost wanted to buy everything the first time she fell sick and told you to go alone instead.
Wide eyed you surveyed everything there, thinking of the list she had given. Then you went about selecting the greens the way she would. She had given you permission to buy one chocolate after the purchases were done. You took more time in the candy store to select that one candy.
Our life is filled with such wonderful stories and we have forgotten them today in our daily grind. No memories can be stirred since you have too many other things to think about. You gotta pay the bills, children’s fees, insurance premiums, rent has shot up and tones of stuff that gives you amnesia. You don’t even want to relax in life anymore. Your constant humdrum acts keeps you intoxicated. You look out for additional income. You wonder how your colleague manages that.
You have become paranoid about everything. The elections send you jitters. You are sure the opposition gets elected and the prices of potato and onion will go up. You dread the changes that are taking place. Some sudden spurt in the market sends you in a tizzy.
There is no charm left in this world. You don’t stop anymore to see the evening sunset. You are not bothered about the beautiful patterns the clouds are forming in the sky. You bother about the rain because you will get late to work because of slow moving traffic.
You hate the weekends since you have to do the entire weeks grocery shopping. You don’t like to stand in those long queues. You hate it when your card says declined. You wonder where all the money went.
You are no doubt a good father or mother but when the school sends you some notes, you know they are asking for some money for some idiotic stuff and you hate that. You actually have kept a small box where you are gathering some small change to give to the temple or some needy person. But most of the time you raid it yourself. Your purse is empty or you need change. But you don’t replace it since you are supposed to put there change. After all, it’s your money, you say! So what the big deal if you have to flush it sometimes?

Our life revolves around these and many other sad happenings so we forget to smile or laugh at life. Look at the sullen faces around you. People sit with a ton of bricks on their head. They have faces which tells you that they have taken a big bottle of castor oil. Our child like innocence doesn’t exist anymore. We crib and cry, fight and get bugged, throw a tantrum or a plate, act sullen or glow red, just about everything in our world bears the brunt of our bad temperament.

You wouldn’t stuff your face with ice cream any more. But what if you could get back your childhood innocence back again? Could you do all those things which your body or age can permit? Wouldn’t you love to do the silly stuff without having any guilt?
Take off. Go on a spin. Take out that tricycle of your kid and take a spin. Or go on the tiny scooter and wouldn’t you love to do a wheelie? Would you feel embarrassed to stroke the hair of your kids Barbie? The Lego is thrown by your grandchild, would you want to make them into a house? Go on, go to Disneyland or get on the Tora Tora or the bungee jump! Sit in the luge or the giant wheel. Go on another honeymoon if that gives you the high in life. Learn to enjoy every single aspect of life. What is the use of that sullen face or the scowl!
You have this one life to live. Why do you believe it has come to an end? Live life every single day to the fullest as if it is the last. Be that child.
Only a sage can become a child or a madman. So become a sage and feel good about your human existence.

Image Courtesy by pixabay