No Time Occupies All The Time!

No time occupies all the time!
I haven’t had the time to get that done. I wish I could have got more time to do that thing.
These type of words can be heard more so often and the constant crib for time is an ongoing phenomenon. We never have the time for anything at all.
But we are given time to do exactly what we have come here for, yet why do we crave for more time?
It all stems from being organized and planning any activity. Our efforts to preplan anything is needed. Then getting the stuff needed for the activity is the next in line. You gotta get all the ingredients in place. Then the execution has to be impeccable. The timing for any activity has to perfectly match with the execution and end result.
On the other hand are activities which can be done in the shortest possible time and they are occupying our lives endlessly. Take the case of a working wife. She works day and night. From morning onwards she is making stuff in the kitchen, getting her kids ready to school, seeing off her husband, then getting herself ready to go to work. Working in office the whole day, picking up groceries and essential stuff for home. Then getting back in time for her evening activities. Taking calls, doing her chores, making love and again rising up ready to handle another day.
Now take the same woman when she is jobless. Her household activities spread themselves so much that she hardly finds time to do any other activity. She cribs all the time, falls sick, puts on lots of weight, complains non-stop of how much activity she does all day long. You judge for yourself! Where has her time and so much extra energy gone now? She has slipped into the perennial “shortage of time syndrome.”
The same goes for the man also. Till the time he was busy in work, he could manage to squeeze weekend boys parties too. Now that he has been laid off by his company, he has become too busy for anything with no activity at all. And no money, of course! Ironical!
A man can make or break his own life if he wants to. He can rise above and cram everything in his life with love if he only wants to. Otherwise, there is always laziness, procrastination, timelessness, tiredness, sickness, inertia, fatigue and Tamas at its peak.
God help such lazy bones. So get moving and do whatever you have got to and stop cribbing that you have no time. Kaal or time waits for no man. So move your ass!