Not Wanting To Do It?

So what is it that makes you not want to do it? Is it laziness, inertia, physical or mental disabilities or the universe itself not allowing you to do anything at all? The reluctance to do somethings can be seen in everyone.
Sometimes it’s the fear which doesn’t allow someone to do some things. Like the three women who were confined inside the house since 2002. The threat by their captor of killing them or harming them made them not come out.
Sometimes it’s peer pressure or the needs of the society. The girl will say that she has lost her virginity and behave in a carefree manner, whereas in reality she is still a virgin. This happens due to peer pressure where others have gone through it. For the acceptance in the society. It was shown in Grease- the movie when John Travolta behaves as if he has not seen Olivia before. Otherwise his friends would disown him!
At other times the woman who has an utterly bad marriage continues to be in that since she believes her children need their father. This is not inertia but a creation of the mind which makes you believe in such nonsense. Otherwise don’t the same children see the dangerous fights every single day and are hoping secretly that they can run away or their parents divorce? But the woman lives in her make believe world of lies.
Sometimes the dates just come and go away and the person has lost the opportunity to apply for the scholarships. This happens purely due to inertia and laziness. He waits for no rhyme or reason and then repents for loosing that chance to do something.
Some other time it is purely ignorance. The individual has absolutely no idea that the girl he is considering his friend is in love with him. He believes it’s only friendship. She goes on to marry another guy and both are unhappy in their world later on.
They say ignorance is bliss but is it? Not knowing that your husband is having affair behind your back is sheer stupidity. How can you trust someone so much. You know that no one is trustworthy except God!
In most of the countries it is important not to call the perpetrators by their groups name or communal names. The country has no guts to name them. A terrorist outfit will not be named due to pure political reasons. Sometimes when it is conducive the terrorist outfit will be called militant or otherwise liberation organization! It depends who is winning or what the political requirements are! To do or not to do is the political will of that country.
Now I haven’t finished here. You too have your own reasons for not doing some things in life. Can you cite yours here. Of course you don’t have the gumption to own up to it. You may be wallowing in your own grief, pain or whatever slime and thinking that you have some definite reason for not doing it! Right? I know it’s hard to own up. So let it be. I will let you roll up merrily in your own crap. Enjoy it just the way Vishnu did till Shiva came and poked him and killed his pigs body! You need a Shiva on your back to make you move your ass!