On Hurricane Irma

On Hurricane IrmaYou brought on Hurricane Irma and destroyed so much, God!

What are you saying? Why should I do that?

You are responsible for that terrible thing which destroyed Florida, Bahamas, Caribbeans and a lot more.

I did not do any such thing. Why do you attribute all that to me?

You create the weather and the changes in the environment, so you did that.

Don’t be silly. Humans did that. Haven’t you heard of climate change?

Yes. I have. But this kind of devastation can only be other worldly and not human.

Of course. This terrible devastation as you call it was the result of years of hacking away at the environment.

Ah, you mean the polar caps are melting and all that. You know one day it is hot here and the next day it snows. What kind of weather is that?

Well, stop blaming me. Let me tell you a few things. Why are humans plundering coal and crude from inside the bowels of earth?

Otherwise what are we to use for heating, transportation or electricity?

There are other means like solar, wind and so on. These are sustainable types and are replenish-able.

You are just trying to take away the blame from yourself.

Ok. Let me turn your attention to another subject. How’s your house renovation going on?

It is going great. We had to strip out entire walls and false ceilings and create better spaces.

So how will your house look like after you have finished?

It will be spacious, airy and more natural light will come in. I am also installing solar panels and cutting down on electrical consumption. Maybe I will give back power to the electric company.

That’s wonderful. I hope you can now see some more light on our debate.

Oh that? You created so much of destruction there and people are homeless.

So isn’t it the right time to build better homes like yours and get them to become more environmentally friendly?

Yes. Yes. It seems you have cleared most of the old places so that newer houses can be reconstructed. But at what cost, dear God?

There is always a cost to pay for everything in this world. Just ask yourself who is going to replenish the coal and crude you folks have siphoned out? The future generations may have to bear the brunt of your plunders.

So what is the solution to all that?

Don’t you know the Armageddon? It is coming sometime and then everything will be restructured.

So that’s true then. I am not going to wait for your cleansing.

So what are you going to do? Change your daily habits and use less of non sustainable resources?

That, I don’t think I want to bother about. On the contrary, I am going to find out if I can book my ticket to stay on Mars. Elon Musk, here I come!

Image Credit: Pixabay