On Krsna Janmastami Day

On Krsna Janmastami DayOn Krsna Janmastami, I would love to wish all my devotees and disciples a very happy and joyous occasion.
Love has been an integral part of Krsna’s life journey. Love defined His association with every individual He interacted with, when on earth. Some people hated Him but His love never waned for that hating individual.IMG_20150906_065424
When we see the puranas or Krsna Leelas we will come to understand that even when someone exuded hatred, Krsna only oozed love for that person. In the Sriram avatar, He finally absorbed Ravana. Similarly in Krsna avatar, He did the same to Jarasandha and Shishupal. Dying at the hands of Krsna, Kamsa achieved the highest heavens.
Whether it is Chanda Munda, Jay Vijay, Ravana Kumbhakarna, Hiranyakashyapa Hiranyaksha, Jarasandha Shishupal, Krsna never for once showed enmity. On the contrary He fought with them with compassion finally killing them and absorbing them in His being.
Now a lesson in why they hate Krsna. It happens too innocuously and unknown to these devotees, they begin to hate Him. Even though Krsna is impartial to everyone and everything, yet they see partiality in His behavior. They believe He has taken sides with their enemy. Whereas if you look at the whole scene, Krsna has offered to them the first choice but they reject it. The choice is whether they would like Him to be their guide and mentor. But these hapless beings think it is a trap and succumb to hatred.
Now you may say He is all knowing so why can He not take away their ignorance and give them the knowledge needed at that time? That’s true. He can do it and He does. But if you observe these poor haters, you will see that their vision is clouded by doubts. Angered by these ignorant and colored visions of doubts they succumb to hatred. Once anger takes over then deceit sets in. They try various methods of defeating the goodness of Krsna.
Look at Kamsa who called his nephew to his kingdom and Akrura delivered Him. Look at Ravana and you can see the golden deer. Look at Shishupal and His hundred misdemeanors. Then check out the human beings around Krsna and those who hate Him. You will understand their contempt and enmity towards Krsna.
Putanna and Trivikrna tried to kill Him but He suckled one and took another to the heights to give them moksha. Poison was administered to Meerabai but Krsna subdued its effect.
So this lesson is for those who still think that Krsna is their enemy or is partial to others, know that Krsna never hates anyone but loves all in the same way. There is impartiality in His world.
Krsna is the epitome of love itself. No word describes Him better than love. The highest love has to be unconditional one. There should never be conditions like scratching each other’s back. Hidden agenda shouldn’t be in the extension of love. If you have veiled your love with a desire for some worldly stuff then know that it is not love but purely material transaction. Don’t offer Him Prasad for the birthday with poison in it. Which means don’t flavor it with your demands or desires. Can you offer Him only love for the sake of love alone? Do it and know for sure He will reciprocate that.
Devotion is offered by all devotees but His lovers only offer love. You can all be devotees but become His lovers and you will know His love too.
In Adyapeeth there is an image of three entities. The bottom one is that of Ramakrishna Paramhamsa which says with the help of Guru you can rise on path of devotion. Next is the Goddess Kali which speaks of knowledge of divinity which is received from the Guru. The highest is the image of Radha-Krsna. It talks of pure love alone. You have to reach the top. So beyond knowledge and devotion is pure love or Prema!
This abode of pure love is called Goloka Vrindavana. The domain of cowherds in the forest of tulsi shrubs. When you smell the fragrance of tulsi and chandan along with milk and honey know that you are in that abode of Krsna. Some of you have been fortunate to smell that in your current life.
So in conclusion know that to reach Krsna only have pure devotion and unconditional love. Use your Guru’s help to reach Krsna.
Jai Shree Krsna❤️.

Images Credit: Krsna Says , Pixabay