Once A Bottle….

Once a bottle of a famous soft drink wanted to know how the other soft drink tasted like. So she disguised herself to get filled with the rivals soft drink.
She realized that her life is no different than the others. But the others life is full of bigger trouble than hers. No one liked her in this new avatar. They threw her around, was treated shabbily, was left in the open for a long time so she fizzed out soon. Her drink was mixed with a horrible smelly drink and an unusually dirty man drank it.
She was thrown around and discarded since not many liked the other drink.
Life is like this for everyone of us. We are never happy being our own self. We want to be someone else. We believe their life is better than ours. But for once you get to taste their life, you will realize that your life is the best.
So stop trying to be someone else. Be your good self!

Image Courtesy by pixabay