One False Step Can Create Multiple Lives

Peter Sellers puts his foot to tie his undone lace on top of the detonator thereby reducing the entire set into a rubble. This happened in the movie called The Party!
We too require just an undone lace to trigger our anger. Our entire life can be turned to useless rubble. It requires just some silly trigger to upset our applecart. But imagine the time and effort to create that entire set of life. Relationships and homes can be wrecked by one loose bullet of uncertainty called anger, doubt, greed, lust or any other demon similar to these!
The fragility of life is brought to light by one single event.
Imagine the amount of polishing that is required to eliminate lifetimes of muck gathered by us of ignorance. And you are putting your efforts making it shine. We have covered ourselves with layers and layers of ignorance and it cannot be removed by one single polishing episode. Every single act of anger, greed, lust, etc. can make the task more and more difficult of unveiling our true Self. To mind the step and overcome pitfalls at every juncture requires sharp lookouts. Stop falling down in your relationship with God. A single episode of anger or jealousy can put you back many lifetimes.
Keep on with your unveiling. Do not stop doing your sadhanas even for a day!

Photo Credit: pixabay