Only No.1 Can Teach You To Be No.1.

Short memories and opinionated so called well-wishers can turn you against your true pathway. So people railroad you into believing what they think is right for you. They say they truly care for you, yet they are actually not! Reminds me of the scene from the Hindi movie “Rockstar,” where the unscrupulous friends are eating the heroes samosas and falsely praising his ability to sing which he couldn’t sing then! The true friend sitting across points out what these people are up to. He tells the hero how he could get inspired to sing well!
We have such fake friends and people around us who want to be in our good books so they become diplomatic and praise you instead of telling you the truth.
The other thing is your own mind which feeds you misinformation about your own greatness. You believe you are the best and the greatest thing on earth. But you got to check up with reality. Do your surroundings and results talk that? Does that so called truth match up with what figures you end up with? If it doesn’t then your mind and these fakers are misleading you.Teach
I am sure you have heard about losers and real winners. Losers write mediocre stories of which people produce movies and make pots of money. The true winners don’t even bother about stories. Does an Einstein, Pele, Buddha, Gandhi, Lao Tse, Rumi or Newton bother about who writes what about them? They don’t need publicity, they are the news themselves. Whereas those who need it are the has-beens and the number twos and threes!!!
Ask yourself, do you know who came second in the olympic marathons? Do you know who took the bronze in London Olympics in a particular event? The has-beens are has beens. We remember only the number ones.
So stop listening to those who tell you that it is okay to pass or come up with mediocre performance. These are not your pals but they are your enemies.
Only the number one can teach you how to come number one. Only successful people can teach you about success.
Don’t you wonder how can the advertising person tell you more about your own business? They know more about advertising and not about your business. So stop listening to those who have no clue about things they know nothing about.
There is no one you can trust in this world except God and God cannot be your bullshitter friend. You cannot even trust your own self. You change opinions like a chameleon and you aren’t steady or trustworthy. So stop listening to your mind also. It’s the biggest bullshitter on earth.
So stop being an idiot and aim for the number one slot and absolute success. The rest can take a hike.
The few things that can make you number one are discipline, study or perfect knowledge about the subject, great teacher or true Guru, absolute faith in oneself and God, perfect timing, dedication and devotion to the subject and lastly grace of God and destiny!