Owe Allegiance

Owe Allegiance We owe allegiance to someone or somethings. We owe it to our parents, relatives, county, state, school, college, university, associations or religions. We are sometimes die-hard fans of the same.

Sometimes we leave that group with whom we have had a long term relationship with and move to greener pastures. It is the way of the world. We believe that the one we are with are the perfect group and diss the other older one.

When an individual gets into another relationship, he tends to relinquish his association with the former. Take the case of a woman getting married. She lets go of her parents and believes her husband and his relatives are now her new ones. Likewise, when a man leaves his school and moves to the university, he hardly ever goes back to school. Everything and everyone is right in their place. Except that the allegiance has shifted.

People leave their motherland and take up citizenship of another country and then have to swear allegiance to their new homeland. They only do so to enhance their earning potentials, get freedom, gain ownership or find opportunities in that newer marriages.

In the spiritual domain too, we find humans move religions, gods, practices, beliefs and whatnots. They find solace or reasons for such changes! The believers may become atheists or move religions or the other way round also.

Here it wouldn’t mean that the new beliefs are right or perfect. But it would only suggest that they have accepted the change. Every individual is right from his narrow point of view. Even if he is a Christian or a Zen Buddhist, a Hindu or a Sufi, an atheist or an Islamist, they are all right from their individual point of view. But for the others it may not be true.

So spiritual is a great mix of people, religions, beliefs, rituals, places, worships, gods, scriptures, love or hatred, past or present forms and many such variables. Intolerance to others or tolerance to one and all is also a part and parcel of spiritual.

Spirituality is all accommodating but the followers are not. They have their own biases and quirks. Spiritual could also depend upon individual tastes and likes.

The ones who become spiritually perfect have overcome such petty mindedness and biases. They have achieved higher knowledge and remain neutral in almost all circumstances. These higher evolved beings are called sages or saints, yogis or masters! They have learnt to go beyond and experience the naked truth in spiritual.

Our aim in spiritual is to get to this higher knowledge and become sages. We have to overcome our petty desires and biases. That state of non movement in mind is called equanimity of mind. Nothing should disturb us. This stage of existence would be the highest achievement in spiritual.