Ownership Of Troubles

I was watching a program on the television where some ultra rich were showing off their homes.
They owned condos and some very rare properties in Singapore which cost them upwards of millions. They had such beautiful kitchens and living room spaces. They would have spent upwards of nearly half a million doing those interiors.
Now comes the silly part. They go out of their beautiful homes and expensive kitchens to have a S$3/- meals of noodles at the corner eating house! If they need to spend just three quids then why spend so much on acquisitions?
I see people buying cars which cost upwards of half million and sell it in 4/5 years. If you calculate the amount they spent in those 5 years in sum total including fuel and maintenance less the resale value then that total amount will look like a drain. Now if they were to spend on even a hired car they could have saved a million!Ownership
Similarly when I asked someone why they want to spend on me a couple of thousands on buying a kurta when I won’t even wear it five times?
Now you can come up with valid argument about ownership and wealth! I will not argue on that.
You have many grammes of gold stashed away which you can’t even wear in the city, then why own it?
Isn’t it greed and lust that is driving you to own such silly and stupid stuff?
Once a poor man got a magical stone from a sadhu which when touched to metal would convert it into gold. He made lots of money with that.
Then one day he saw the same sadhu with torn tattered clothes and felt pity and gave back that stone saying you should yourself get rich!
The sage threw the stone in the river.
That rich man was appalled at this silly ways of the sadhu. He asked him why did he throw such luck away?
The sage answered that it was just a stone for him. He had given it to him, so why does he think that it was important to him? These have no value for those who own this world!
Those who own such things need to spend more on maintenance and upkeep. They need to protect it and preserve it at the cost of their lives and then they have to give it away to someone else. Now see it goes away to the most undeserving person according to the one who owns it!
So now tell me what use is this ownership? Isn’t it full of pain and sorrow for the owner?