Author’s Biography : Padma

the masterPadma is a gifted spiritual healer endowed with the capacity to penetrate beneath the apparently random surface of life to the patterns and laws which underpin existence.  She works of the energy disarray that appears to her in a flash and heals people by re-establishing their energy circuitry. While in the past she would practice with a sense of ownership, now, in the last 4 years since she met her Preceptor, Krsna , she does this with total detachment because her only identity is that of a devotee and disciple as against that of a healer.

Who is a Spiritual Master ?

Spiritual Master is one and the only who knows the TRUTH and knows all. He manifests to impart knowledge. He is all compassionate and completely benevolent .When a seeker is ready, Grace descends on him/her in the form of The Master. One may seek truth for many lives but only when the Lord’s grace descends will The Master find him and put him on the path of spiritual journey. The Lord manifests as The Master to impart knowledge.


Written on May 07 2014

Per the law of karma, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is the cause of rebirths – to finish off karmas accrued.

Actions performed with renunciation are devoid of karma.  Renunciation is not about giving up action; rather, it is about doing action giving up the doer ship. It is about considering The Lord as the doer and ourselves as merely a tool/instrument in The Lord’s hands. It is about doing all that you are supposed to do being who and where you are while renouncing the fruit of your action. Do not make judgments in your mind. Overcome the mind and nullify it. Let the mind not exist.  Be in the world but not of it.

When actions are performed in this manner, purification of the intellect happens.  Only purified intellect can subdue the mind.  Intellect is the faculty of reasoning.  Depending on memories, the responses will vary. Stop judging and take everything at exact value. Renunciation and discrimination are important.

Intellect is the inner body and is full of knowledge. Intellect helps you discriminate the real from the unreal.  We are unable to listen to the intellect because our mind talks too much.   Motivated thoughts are destructive in nature and incur karma.  Motivated thoughts arise from a mind that is cluttered.  Therefore silence the mind by just letting every thought pass without constructing on them till you reach a point where the mind is without any thoughts and is blank.  The first thought that arises in this clean mind is the unmotivated thought. Act on this thought.   If this process is followed continuously, then every action performed by you is devoid of the mind and is pure.

Do actions that come to you naturally, on its  own accord. This is swadharma and does not incur karma.  When one is involved in swadharma without a sense of proprietorship, with complete detachment, and never focusing on the result, his consciousness will be purified.

Pursuit of the spiritual will take you towards The Lord and pursuit of the material will take you away from Him.  The choice is one’s own. Life is like a wick burning in the open.  It can go away any moment.  He who works for his own good is always aware of the time ticking away. The Self can’t be understood using the mind.  Be humble, simple, free from vices and desires, sublimate your ego, detach mind and perform all actions without motivation. Remember that anything that is offered to you in this material world is a trap, possession is a trap.  Don’t ever forget that you are Satchitanand.  There is neither bondage nor freedom.  Don’t feel inadequate.  There is neither ignorance nor knowledge.

Equanimity is the state where the mind doesn’t play. Then irrespective of whether there is knowledge or ignorance, you need not bother.  You only need to act on the thought you receive from your pure intellect because that is The job you have been assigned in this world, that is the part you are supposed to play.

When you reach the state of witness you achieve freedom.  When the Divine Consciousness wants to be a projection inside a mirror, He takes a body.  If we consider ourselves as the Supreme Divine Consciousness, then we have a divine purpose in this world.  Being already realized, we don’t have to run after realization.  We only have to do our swadharma.  The body belongs to this universe.  Use the tools given to achieve the purpose while we are here.  Doing what we are supposed to do is the essence of the divine.

Focusing on the result is a needless effort.  When you come to the witness state nothing can shake you.  When you question with your mind, it is not swadharma, it becomes karma.

The mind is the tool given to us to follow the path laid down by The Lord.   Therefore keep it purified.

Are you a devotee?

Written on April 04 2014

Consciousness is uniformly distributed. It is one universal consciousness in which bodies are appearing. Body gives the sense of false understanding.  Maya creates the illusion. The Sage has donned a body.  There is no visual range for the Sage. They will work through any individual also. Know that the Lord lives in Him. Put ego at the feet of The Lord. Devotion is surrender of ego at The Lord’s feet. He then uses you for His purpose.  That is when “seva bhavana” comes into the devotee’s mind.

Destiny will happen.  Free will is that which makes you think you can overcome destiny. Karma has to be confronted.

Happiness is inside of you.  If I don’t have the desire I will neither be happy nor unhappy. This is bliss or “unmani” state – the no mind or desireless state. Accept all.  Everything is Brahma.

The pure devotee is liberated from material contamination and accepts devotional service without expectation of rewards.  Such a person is loving, gentle and compassionate to the world.  He sees God in everybody. This is the perfect devotee who offers respect to every living entity. When you stop making distinctions, you will see God in everything.

Avoid mind coming into play.  Always drive Intellect to The Lord’s feet. Only the Guide-Book will help you achieve this. Guide here is the Sadguru and the book is the Scripture.

Negate mind

Written on Mar 05 2014

Mind exists when ignorance exists. Fear sets in due to ignorance. Until the last layer of ignorance is removed you will not see your effulgent self.

Only self-effort will remove the layers of ignorance.

Just like how the ghee though contained in the milk is not visible, so is the Self contained in the body.

The ‘satva” or the essense in you with your self effort helps you reach The Self.

Divinity rests in a person. It is beyond the mind.

Knowledge can only flow from the Master to the disciple through the disciple’s sadhana and seva.

When you have negated the mind you have negated the world. You don’t require any other thing and you feel free. This alone is your bondage – knowing that you alone are the Self bitten by egotism.

Drink the nectar of faith. “I am not the doer” is the mantra.

Know that “I am the one pure consciousness” and discarding all grief, be happy.

Mind does not exist, Intellect exists. Don’t imagine that you are the mind. Become the reality and experience it. Only your purified Intellect which is devoid of material worldly knowledge can reveal to you that you are your own light – self illumined. You are the Atma.

Decoding Karma

Written on Feb 18 2014

As per the laws of karma, anything that is accrued over and above the Principle Karma, has to be enjoyed or suffered. This interest earned on the principle karma is called secondary karma and is non-quantifiable. This secondary karma depending on its quality is expended in heaven or hell. The time spent in either of these realms explains the time lapse between 2 births.

As mentioned in thc Bhagavat Gita, agreeable, disagreeable and mixed is the fruit that accrues after death from the actions of the unrenouncing. This implies that the only solution to escape accruing interest on karma is by renouncing the fruit of action and surrendering to the present accepting it as the Divine Will that is at play.

Let us understand this better. Prarabdha determines the main points you have to traverse to reach your fixed destination in this life. Whatever you incur with your fellow travelers is because of your karmic debt. All the other characters that are introduced is aagami. Creation of new karmas happen because of ego. Therefore, do your job without using your mind so that you don’t incur aagami. Don’t add on additonal karmas since you already have a bank of principle karmas yet to be expended in many lives. Don’t use your mind. Do things that come to you naturally and you will drop off additional karma. Don’t get involved in people’s karma.

Those with a pure mind know that it is the SELF working in this world but the SELF is untainted. It does not do anything. A Yogi lost in the Self does not do anything. A Yogi only cogitates on the divine.

Swadharma is unadulterated spiritual function. It is the path one is programmed to follow. Everything is programmed by destiny and pre-ordained and this is determined by the profound hidden source of your karmas. When you meet your Guru and are doing your swadharma, while He makes you dispassionate, all your karmas start dwindling faster and what remains is only prarabdha which has to be endured.

Humans are full of knowledge. However, due to outward moving senses, they fall into the abyss of ignorance. When the mind wanders it takes the body along and the knowledge gets covered. When the mind is completely cleansed of impurites of lust and greed it becomes dispassionate. Mind creates “mine” due to false ego and destiny creates destination. When the mind that is moving outwards is put at the feet of The Lord, it gets purified. Just like the Parees, only a Sadguru who is the divine consciousness taking form can impart knowledge of the divine. Detach from the material world and attach to the Sadguru. Mind’s essential duty is to serve The Lord. When the mind is tuned towards The Lord it will lead you to salvation and rid you from the cycle of birth and death and joy and suffering.


Written on Nov 14 2013

The Lord says, “having an eye to maintenance of world order, take to action”. Action is important. Just like how The Lord gave Brahma the power of vikalpa to create this world, the power is vested in you to do your swadharma. Draw the highest efficiency from that with self effort. The purpose of your being in the world has to be served while being lost in The Lord. When you get absorbed in the job, chant His name and you will see Him inside of you. Work as His best tool. Then Maya wil not come near you.

God Realisation

Written on Nov 01 2013

A disciples’ first aim should be God realisation. That is the reason he is with the Master.

Why you need to listen to the Master?
So that you don’t allow your mind to come into play. Stop your mind chatter. Instructions are for the mind not to come in the way. Overcome your mind. Decimate your mind. Transcend your mind. When the mind is zero it becomes pure.

Then the “guru tatva” inside of you will instruct the intellect inside of you to do the right thing. Guru tatva inside and outside, both are talking the same language. Then you understand that you have crossed over to the other side. Overcoming the mind you are listening to the pure intellect. Then you merge in the pure intellect. This is when you are one with God.

Our other side

Written on Aug 03 2013

We can be searching for The Lord everywhere but He sits in our heart.

Come what may, our bent of mind constituting karmas and tendencies cannot be changed. This is because for humans to work in tandem the negative energies are required.

The saints don’t operate at the body level. The three states when we are in the Self are:

1. Nirvikalpa Samadhi: herein there are no thought constructs.

2. Deep sleep state: It is in the state of self but does not recognize anything as sleep stops it. This is not to be confused with sleep induced by tamas.

3. The moment just before the perception of object. This is called “prakash”, that which wakes you up. Prakash is movement or rising of the knowledge. The Self is always in Yognidra.

Penance of wisdom

Written on Aug 02 2013

The penance of wisdom purifies you.

Penance is about spending time visualizing the answer. Stretch your thinking, cogitate. Your mind gets purified. Divine energy flows through a pure mind.

Begin with detachment, remove fear of all kinds, give up anger and get rid of desires. Depend only on The Lord and absorb in Him. Fear strikes because of ignorance. When His Grace descends, ignorance disappears. His Grace is only for spiritual growth.

The biggest deterrents to spirituality are ego and thoughts. Thoughts fill up the illusionary space called mind. Fulfill the desires of the mind so that they automatically disappear and mind occupation lessens. A spiritualist should remove thoughts one by one and offer it to The Lord. Reverse the mind and make it empty. Make the outward thoughts inward, looking within. Then The Self will get one thought in it and expand to occupy the whole mind. In this nirvikalpa state of thoughtlessness the mind is filled with The Self. You are The Self.

Devotee or a philosopher

Written on Aug 02 2013

A devotee of the Lord is higher in stature than the philosopher.

The karmendriya’s of a devotee are at the Lord’s feet and he does not take the onus of any of his actions and therefore no karma accrues. A devotee attributes everything to the Lord. A philosopher on the other hand uses his limited mind extensively to reason out and measure the unlimited and there is also an element of ego in him.

The two doors of lust and greed representing body and mind consciousness put one down. Only when one overcomes the material worldly attachments can one become a disciple and graduate to being a devotee. When one has no desires, one is rich. Till one doesn’t cross over to the other side from the material and become a devotee, one is governed by the complex formula of karmas. When there is acceptance that “I am not the doer”, then there is no ego in the picture; it is only destiny playing its part. You are in acceptance and allow things be.

Accepting the divine is very important. Knowledge of the divine is beyond the five bodily sheaths. The divine cannot be understood with the faculties available in the body. It can only be experienced by complete surrender. If you look at the peripherals, you will not reach the target. Hence, it is important to focus on the Lord, your target.

Everything happens only by the Will of The Lord. Destiny is yours but the universe is not yours. The universe will work magic only with His command. The agitation of the mind will stop only if you put the Lord’s name in it. Have complete devotion to The Lord and lose yourself in Him alone. He is your destination. Beyond The Lord, there is nothing. Only the Supreme Divine Consciousness can grant enlightenment.

Intelligence is best put to use when you strive to cross beyond the brahma loka and reach the Supreme Divine Consciousness. Beg to let go of your ego. The moment you are on the devotional path, the Lord gives you certain jobs to do. That becomes your Swadharma, the duty The Lord has prescribed for you. Loving something and doing it with passion is not Swadharma. When you are doing your Swadharma, knowledge will appear to you on its own accord. No amount of philosophical reasoning can help you achieve this. Remember The Lord and His name while going about your work.

Guru – the voice within

Written on Aug 02 2013

The Supreme Consciousness is the Guru and vice versa. Highest knowledge is within. One who imparts knowledge from within to this body of yours is the Supreme Consciousness. Knowledge appears inside of you. For this to happen, conviction of “who am I” should be total. This conviction comes only when there is firm faith, complete devotion and total discipleship.
When you don’t listen to what the Supreme Consciousness within says and do your own thing, you either repent/regret, miss your opportunity and accrue karmas.

Mind, where art thou?

Written on July 19 2013

All objects that change are not real. Only the Seer is real. The Seer knows that everything around him is unreal and therefore does not get affected by it. A Seer has no mind. He will look at objects without coloring them. The Self is limitless. The Seer never gets carried away by what is happening around. A Seer observes the objects doing their job. The highest Seer is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva living in the sahasrahara has no mind. Lord Krsna, residing in the Anahuta is the Master of the mind. While Shiva is detached, Krsna is attached (to His devotees).
Mind, an imaginary space through which our thoughts flow can be at any random place in our bodies. Mind is what taints objects.
In a daitya the mind is in the foot. In humans, the mind is in the mooladhara chakra, rising higher. Mind in the navel region is responsible for creation and non-creation. In spiritual beings the mind is in the 5 emotions. When these emotions are directed solely towards Lord Krsna, one becomes a devotee. The ego of devotion is the best ego.
Make the negative vasanas positive and then discard both. Clear the mind of all positives and negatives. The first thought is the purest. Every other thought thereafter is tainted. Therefore, let your actions be based on the first thought born in a clear mind. Don’t color any thought. The first thought put in your mind creates ripples. Freeze the mind with the power of sadhana and there shall be no ripples.

Knowledge Sheath

Written on July 17 2013

The Vigyanmayakosh or the knowledge sheath controls the three states of wake, sleep and dream and this is where the knowledge of the Purush and Prakruti exists. Reasoning faculty of the mind is intellect. Atma is the one running the system yet it is not a part of it. Atma is always uniform, unaffected by praise or blame. There is no jeevatma; mind creates the jeevatma. Prakruti is a part and parcel of the process. Ignorance binds you. The body is a mere vehicle to reach the destination – The Lord. Being attached to the body makes us believe we are driving the vehicle. When we bring ego into the mind, it deludes the consciousness. Everything is as per the Lord’s edicts.
Self is called the ancient one and it has always been.
There is no avidhya within the mind. In deep sleep, the mind is absorbed by Maya in the shushupti. Don’t color your mind with gunas. Acceptance is the key. Lord Krsna is shown as a tribhanga, standing only on one foot. Tribangha – bent at 3 places depicts that He is full of knowledge, justice and love while the one foot depicts Advaitha meaning there is Him alone and none else. He is the only point source (like the stem cell) from where everything manifests. However, our mind taints The Lord. What we see is only His maya and not Him. He, the Supreme Consciousness can take any form to serve a purpose in the material world. Only by increasing viveka and vairagya, will we be able to see beyond maya to the real Krsna. Ignite your knowledge sheath to help you in this process.

Spiritual Perfection

Written on July 12 2013

The spiritually perfect never use their mind.
The purpose of life is already defined. You are already into it but you don’t know about it. You are proceeding along the path. But, by using your mind, you have questioned God’s ways.
Your Swadharma is that which is going to help you use the tools you have i.e mind and intellect, to understand what it is that you have been brought into this world for. They help you in the job and enable you arrive. Use the mind and intellect in doing The Lord’s job. Be His perfect tool. Give your 100%. Stop using your mind trying to think and improve.
If a job has come to you naturally, it is your Swadharma and does not incur karma. Wherever you are is the perfect place for you.
Fate is a delusion. When you overcome fate by means of devotion, by doing your Swadharma, there is no destiny; It is only God’s Will.
Destiny is when your mind is at play. Destiny is but a creation of your mind. When you overcome your mind, there is no destiny to follow. When there is no mind, there are no impressions and therefore no karmas happening. Remember, mind is just tool that can be used in umpteen ways. The choice of usage lies with you. Free will comes if your mind is at play. If the mind is controlled, there is no free will.
Mental constipation happens when you are stuck in your mind. Stop listening to your mind and stop being a victim. You should be the master of your mind. You are the charioteer and the body is the warrior. Don’t believe you are the mere warrior; rather believe you are the charioteer who has the reins of the horses pulling the chariot in total control. This belief can be firmed only with sadhana. Only constant practice of mind control and mind purification will help you achieve this. Only if you rise with self-effort can you realize the God within you.
A person who has risen spiritually will believe that he is all powerful by praying to his innermost being because he knows that The Lord is the Universal Self seated in the heart of all beings. The Lord alone is the beginning, the middle and the end of all beings. The Lord alone is there. The world is within you. The creation and destruction is within you. Happiness, sadness, grandeur and everything else is Him alone. Spiritual perfection is unalloyed devotion to The Lord.

The Truth

Written on Jun 24 2013

God is not a part of your imagination. He is real. Therefore, you have to overcome your mind to reach God. Use the power of your imagination to find out how God looks like. Don’t use your mind, rather lose your mind, and overcome the mind. Then the stillness comes into play. The stilled mind will show you how to proceed ahead. The tranquil state will appear only when you have stilled everything around you. The Self or God is not hidden. It is our mind that is covering it. Self is all effulgent. You are the all knowing Self. You are effulgent and are seeking your own Self.
Mind is impressionable and can’t be changed. Only the elements change. The mind, with its past impressions travels from body to body life after life. Spirituality washes off all your karmas and past impressions. All colors are devils. To see God, don’t see with your mind as it will taint Him. God is colorless. Empty your mind. With the pure mind you can see Him. If the mind is tainted there will be no picture that is pure. To empty your mind and see the Self, self effort is required. Now!! Not at some later point in time as life rarely gives a second chance. Therefore, don’t procrastinate.
Discriminate the real from the unreal and know the final truth. The Lord, The Father, The Self is the only truth. With His Will He creates entities out of nothing. Prakruti or nature is the representation of everything in this material world. Prakruti gives shape to the various forms that The Lord Wills to take. However, The Lord is unborn. He manifests himself.

Mind power

Written on Jun 13 2013

The mind can only see what it can intellectually dissect.
Arjuna of the Mahabharata could see the virat swaroop of the Lord because he was given the bandwidth beyond normal humans. To recognise The Lord we have to know his language.
Things happen simultaneously in the macrocosm, the microcosm and the material world. We are unable to comprehend this due to our ignorance. To co-relate to the entire universe we need to open our mind and not limit it.
The Shiva in us becomes a jeeva because of Maya’s influence. By accepting Maya’s domain despondency sets in. Maya’s kanchuka’s viz body, time, destiny, attachments and knowledge limit us from opening our individual mind to the universal mind. Acknowledge Maya and overcome her influence. Use your body for reaching the higher planes. Then you will see The Lord with numerous arms. When you use the universal mind, there is nothing separate. Separation happens because of the body and the individual mind. Every form in the universe is Him alone. If we can still everything and look within, we will find that the universe is within us only. The Lord’s grace is the same on all; However, the one who turns towards Him fully reflects Him fully just like the planet closest to the Sun is the brightest.

How does one get onto spiritual path ?

Written on Jun 11 2013

The moment we are born we are covered by ignorance and forget who we truly are. The first step towards spirituality is dispassion and the next is reflection. Meeting virtuous people, learning the scriptures and enquiry follow this. Then comes detachment wherein nothing appeals to you. Even the body becomes a burden when you understand that you are not this body and senses. You reach a point of play-acting and reflect on “who am I”.
When you stand detached from your body, you discriminate the real from the unreal and your mind starts becoming pure as it overcomes the duality within. You eliminate the good and the bad and understand that everything is one and the same. You realise that it is the external objects that create disturbances in the mind and therefore withdraw from them, destroy disparity. Practise non-ideation of objects. Mind will abide in “the Self” due to dispassion and discrimination. This state is called being absorbed in the being and abiding in the Self.
The whole thing is Self. There is no individual self. Therefore, there is no question of mergence. Non-union. When you revel in the Self there is no connection with anything and memories are zero. This abidance that takes place on its own is the fourth state of consciousness or the turiya state. Those liberated while living exist in this state. Turiyatheeth, the state beyond turiya is the state of love and devotion to The Lord.

When does karma begin?

Written on May 30 2013

Karma begins the moment you think you are the jeevatma.   Karma begins because of ignorance. Like the bird, though in an open cage, still clings on to the swing  thinking that it will fly the moment it leaves the swing,  we humans, the jeevatma,  cling on to our bodies through the rod of relationships.  The human body is the cage and the trap is the mind.   The trap is non-existent.

If you believe that you don’t have a mind , the mind will cease to exist. No impressions are formed thereafter. The mind takes its feed from the intellect.  Annihilate the mind. Don’t swing either to praise or blame.  When you annihilate the mind there are no impressions left and no reactions are taking place. At death, the food body and the breath body cease to function while the mind body with all the impressions and information embedded in it transforms itself into another body.   The mind body carries the data base.  In all bodies other than humans, karma is only expended. Only humans incur karma because they use their mind.

References: The Master’s Satsang

To Praise or Blame

Written on May 27 2013

A quote from “Das Bodh” says, “There is nothing else like the Supreme Brahman.  Praise or blame has no entry in it.” Doesn’t this statement raise these questions:  Isn’t singing praises of The Lord also a prayer?  If the Supreme Brahman is not permeable to praise or blame, why do we pray? Ignorance prompts humans to blame The Lord for our miseries. Miseries are handed out to you per the law of karmas.  You are but only bearing the fruit of your own past actions.  The Supreme Lord plays no part in that.  However, when you rise above your mundane life and direct your mind and intellect towards The Lord, you start singing His praises.  Then the miseries seem fleeting, transient and temporary. We are only elevating ourselves spiritually by prayer.  The Supreme consciousness does not react to anything.  It is our faith that elevates us from the banality of material existence when we sing the Lord’s praises. It is a choice we make, whether to blame or praise.  Now that we are informed, let us make the right choice.  Praise The Lord even in misery.  You will get the strength to sail through.

Who is a Yogi ?

Written on May 24 2013

Union with The Lord is Yoga and someone who practices Yoga with a complete sense of commitment is a Yogi. The highest of  Yogi is the best of the enjoy-er. A Yogi who is in Satchitananada retains himself in the body for the sake of the world. The Yogi brings about the forms in the universe. He manifests when He is asked to. He replicates himself with his ichha-shakti. The Yogi does everything in the turiya state. Ahamkar or ego stops normal beings from getting to this state.

The Yogi, though looks like an individual, is not. The prana of a Yogi spreads out and recognizes everything as one. Like a tap serving water, the Yogi’s body becomes a tap or a conduit for the flow of divinity. A Yogi does not judge. There is no break in the awareness of a Yogi. A Yogi can’t create another of their kind but can create a world of their own just like the touchstone cannot create another.

References: Shiva Sutras

Deterrents to Self realization

Written on May 24 2013

The two deterrents to self-realization are ego and thoughts.  Mind is an illusionary space and thoughts fill it up.  A spiritualist should remove the thoughts one by one and offer it at the feet of The Lord.  Reverse the mind. Make the outward thoughts inwards, looking within.  Then that which is the Self will put one thought in it and expand to occupy the whole mind. This is mindful meditation, that of being completely immersed in the Self.  When the mind is thus controlled, ‘Maya’, the illusory power of The Lord is befriended. Use the mind to reach The Self. Don’t let the mind be tainted by any object.  In the pure mind, nothing gets tainted.  State of being mindless does not taint anything.

References: The Master’s words.

Spiritual approach to fitness

Written on May 24 2013

You become what you think and you are what you eat. Since we are all spiritual beings who are given this body to carry out the Creator’s Will on earth, we should consider this body like a temple and treat it with honor. In nature there is no animal that is overweight. This is because they listen to their body while eating and eat only what is required. Think thin. Don not abuse your body in any way, be it stress, substance or depression. Eat only when hungry and in moderation. Get moderate exercise each day. Do not be obsessed either by food or by your body. Find your purpose in life and each day find time to do things that you enjoy. Spare a thought to the millions that go hungry. Losing weight is a thinking process more than a physical process. Reform the way you look at life. Once you are able to see that being fat is only a human experience, you will realize how humans, the most powerful creatures on earth have wasted their precious lives in adding on more fat cells and reducing years from their life. Food should serve only the purpose of nourishing the body and keep it fit enough to do all that we are meant to do as humans, the only species capable of realizing the Creator.

Attention Deficit Syndrome (ADS) 

Written on May 24 2013

ADS or Attention Deficit Syndrome is indeed a modern disease. In medical terms it could mean two things, either that the patient suffers from very limited span of attention/focus or that the patient has received very little attention in the growing up years.

In spiritual terms ADS translates into God not getting enough attention. He has given the mind to us humans to focus whereas we go all around with an uncontrolled mind and senses thereby dulling our intellect. Without a specific goal the mind feels lost. Don’t allow the senses to wander. Everything you do with your senses does not take you to the Truth. When you dwell on sense objects, you develop attachment for them. From attachment springs desire and from unfulfilled desires ensues anger. Therefore, restrain senses from objects to have a stable mind. When you give your mind a choice it oscillates.

Once you are withdrawn from senses you get tranquility of mind and then are firmly established in God. This human life is important because it is the only chance you have for liberation from the cycle of birth and death. In all other lives you would only be dissipating your karma. The Lord’s grace is always there. However, the choice is in our hands. Control of desires is in our hands. Use the upside of your mind. For desire fulfillment, you may take a little bite. But do not dwell on that and become a glutton. Use your intellect to control your mind and rise above the banalities of mundane existence.

Know that only the framework is real, all else is an illusion. Live in the world with this knowledge as a constant background, and it will help you overcome your lower self and focus on the Creator, the one and only Truth, the eternal constant. Pay all your attention only to Him.

References: The Master’s Satsang