KrsnaKnows is a website dedicated to the true knowledge about the Divine. You can call the Divine as God, Father, Brahman, Self or That.Here you will get the right teachings for treading the path of knowledge to reach there. We talk about that God which dwells in every being and drives this entire creation who is also the One called the Unmanifest. Herein you will get answers which will correspond with teachings from every spiritual text that points towards this divine.We will expound on as many texts as we can and help you understand the Truth.

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What Is Your Measure Of Truth?
Everyone says that they have been taught to be truthful and live as much a truth filled life. But what
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gutter ego
The Ego And Gutter Ego
Now we get to see both kinds of ego in everyone’s life. The upmarket ego and its downmarket sibling the
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Krsna And Dispassion
Even though Krsna was considered to be the epitome of detachment and dispassion, He put everything in His endeavors. Be
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two faces
Two Faces Of Life
Every aspect of life comes in twos! With victory comes defeat, with joy comes sadness and with tranquility comes anger!
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Useless And Futile Exercises?
Many a times you do something and wonder what’s the use of doing that? You believe it’s a futile exercise
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You Are What You Think You Are!
The story of a lion cub found by sheep, grows up thinking he is a sheep, bleating and grazing like
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Satsang is a Congregation of people who have come together to hear the ‘WORD’ or the ‘TRUTH’. Satsang also means being in the company of holy and singing of the praises of the Lord. The Master imparts spiritual knowledge through his teachings to the seekers of the Truth.


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